7 Memorable Fantasy Dream Sequences in Film

Happy Gilmore Happy Place

Many professional golf instructors will tell you that the perfect shot all starts with a positive mental approach. While the mental game was the titular character's (Adam Sandler) biggest weakness in Happy Gilmore, he continually improved upon it by going to his "Happy Place" before each putt.

Prior to the idyllic scene, his head was invaded by his arch-nemesis Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald), Happy was soothed by images of Virginia (Julie Bowen) in lingerie with pitchers of beer, his grandmother winning a slot machine jackpot and, curiously, a little person cowboy riding a tricycle. Considering Happy's main motivations in the film are to get the girl and make grandma happy, the fantasy certainly informs the audience about his character, while making a lasting (and very funny) impression.

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