7 Memorable Fantasy Dream Sequences in Film

Jeff Lebowski, also known as "The Dude," is certainly a bird of a different feather, so it comes as no surprise that his dreams venture into pretty bizarre territory. However, the strangest of all has to be the bowling-centered dream sequence following porn-king Jackie Treehorn's (Ben Gazzara) party, a dream that's peculiarity can largely be attributed to the fact that it was drug-induced.

Still, the scene certainly ranks as one of The Big Lebowski's most memorable. And if we can learn anything from a scene that features Saddam Hussein, dancers donning bowling pin headdresses, nihilists with oversized scissors and Julianne Moore in a viking costume, it's that "The Dude" would always rather be bowling and that he is definitely taking Treehorn's thug's castration threat seriously.

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