10 Movie Details You Definitely Missed

Inception DiCaprio

When a movie has audiences on the edge of their seats, or falling out of them, you’d be surprised at how much they miss. We don’t just mean mistakes or plot holes, since viewers are just as likely to overlook clever details the directors placed into the film on purpose for an extra laugh – or a mind-bending twist. Here is our list of 10 Movie Details You Definitely Missed.

10 Kill Bill Vol. 1

Movie Details You Missed Kill Bill Plane Ticket

Quentin Tarantino managed to keep the real identity of Uma Thurman’s character a secret through both Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2, referred to by Bill only as “Kiddo,” and officially credited as “The Bride.” It was only at the end of Vol. 2 that the heroine’s name was revealed in full as ‘Beatrix Kiddo.’ But eagle-eyed viewers could have spoiled the surprise well ahead of time, since Kiddo’s plane ticket to Japan in the first movie shows her name in full.

9 Inception

Movie Details You Missed Inception Music Theme

Even die-hard fans of this ‘dreams within dreams’ heist movie may have missed one of Inception’s most brilliant touches. Throughout the story, the team uses "Non, Je ne regrette rien" by French singer Edith Piaf as a signal to wake up, with the music growing louder and deeper as it travels down through layers of dreams. Viewers may not notice that the entire movie’s score is built from the same song, slowed down to match the way it sounds while dreaming – in other words: telling audiences it’s time for them to wake up as well...

Movie Details You Missed Inception Wedding Ring

The movie’s ending has also been debated, with fans wondering if the spinning top is meant to show that the movie’s hero, Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), is only dreaming his happy ending. But a small detail may hold the answer: whenever Cobb is inside of a dream – where his late wife is around to wreak havoc – his wedding ring returns to his finger. When awake, it disappears. Going only by that detail, the lack of the ring in the final scene confirms it’s not an illusion.

8 Total Recall

Movie Details You Missed Total Recall Dream

Long before Inception had movie fans debating what was real and what wasn’t, the sci-fi adventure Total Recall was playing the same trick. When a blue collar worker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) of the future pays to have thrilling memories of a top secret mission to Mars planted in his brain, his real memories return… sending him on an adventure to Mars. Fans have debated whether the film is real or all in the hero’s head - but listen closely to one Rekall lab tech who directly references the film’s final scene. Other hints can be explained away, but this easy to miss line is hard to argue.

7 Fast Five

Movie Details You Missed Fast Furious Han Solo

Introduced as a new character in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, the unshakable Han – played by actor Sung Kang – would go on to become a main player in future films, referred to only by his first name. Director Justin Lin’s unofficial prequel Better Luck Tomorrow starred Kang as ‘Han Lue,’ but Fast Five revealed his full name to be ‘Han Seoul-Oh’ - a clear nod to the Star Wars saga’s infamous smuggler.

6 Godzilla

Movie Details You Missed Godzilla Credits

As serious a threat as a prehistoric alpha predator may pose, the minds behind the 2014 Godzilla reboot had plenty of fun with their opening credits. The classified reports censored to conceal everything but a cast or crew member’s name is clever, but a closer look reveals nearly every one of them to be the butt of a joke – including a nod to Bryan Cranston’s role as Breaking Bad's ‘Walter White,’ and Monsters, the film that put Gareth Edwards in the director’s chair.

5 The Lord of the Rings

Movie Details You Missed Lord Rings Boromir Gauntlet Aragorn

No fantasy fan will forget the moment when Boromir (Sean Bean) met his end in The Fellowship of the Ring, pierced by multiple arrows from an Uruk-Hai bow, but it’s Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) who finds the best way to remember his sacrifice. Removing Boromir’s leather vambraces before sending his body on to Gondor, Aragorn goes on to sport the forearm guards for the next two films – a fact never called out or noted by any character.

4 Back to the Future

Movie Details You Missed Back Future Van Halen Tape

When Marty McFly’s time travel prevents his parents from falling in love, he’s forced to bring them together – or risk fading from existence as a result. Convincing his sheepish father means using all the futuristic tech and jargon he can muster – including music by Van Halen. Although the band wouldn’t give permission for Back to the Future to use their name or music, lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen did. Marty’s cassette tape is labelled EDWARD Van Halen as a result, with the guitarist admitting years later that he recorded the guitar riffs himself.

3 Jurassic Park

Movie Details You Missed Jurassic Park Jaws Easter Egg

Steven Spielberg has a knack for terrifying moviegoers with monsters neither seen nor heard – first with the great white shark of Jaws, and later, Jurassic Park. The parallels aren’t lost on the cast, either: when Jurassic Park programmer Dennis Nedry is introduced, he’s apparently enjoying a viewing of Jaws on his own computer screen. Specifically, the scene in which the massive shark is first revealed. You would think that he would have learned never to get cocky with deadly animals, but Spielberg had other plans.

2 The Usual Suspects

Movie Details You Missed Usual Suspects Confession

Kevin Spacey’s crippled con man 'Verbal Kint' (Kevin Spacey) may concoct one of the most iconic twists in movie history, but the ending of The Usual Suspects isn’t as hard to guess as you’d think. Government agents suspect that his story is only meant to cover the escape of his friend, Keaton (played by Gabriel Byrne). The audience saw Keaton killed by the film’s mysterious villain, and when the interrogation gets rough, Verbal spills the beans for one brief second. The Customs agent interrogating him - like the audience - missed Verbal admitting that "I did, I did kill Keaton."

1 Conclusion

Movie Details You Missed Video

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