10 Real Crossovers That Would Make Great Shared Movie Universes

After The Avengers scored $1.5 billion in global box office ticket sales, not to mention boosting interest and potential revenues for future standalone Marvel Studios films, the "shared universe" franchise format has become one of Hollywood's biggest buzzwords. DC Entertainment will debut their own shared universe story in the Man of Steel sequel with Batman and Wonder Woman set to appear, and subsequently, spin-off into solo films. Not to mention, similar efforts are underway at 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures.

Of course, shared universes aren't limited to comic book adaptations, for example, the Paranormal Activity spin-off, The Marked Ones, blew the door wide open to a much larger (and carefully connected) franchise storyline. Since this trend is unlikely to stop anytime soon, we culled through famous (real) crossovers to highlight 10 that a) we want to see and b) could provide a fun shared cinematic universe experience over multiple movie installments.

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