The 10 Best Mobile Games On The Market

Mobile games are everywhere these days. While they started out as neat little arcade games that were glorious distractions, mobile technology has improved. Nowadays, mobile games can be full adventures and online shooters that are gorgeous and in-depth.

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With so many mobile games to choose from when looking at the Play Store or App Store, it can be difficult to find which ones are the best of the bunch. That's why we're breaking down some hot picks for the 10 best mobile games on the market. This list is not all-inclusive, as there are many other great games for mobile devices.

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While it might take Nintendo a while to put The Legend of Zelda on mobile devicesOceanhorn is a good compensation until then. This game is inspired by The Wind Waker and has players going through dungeons and traveling to new islands to figure out what happened to their father while tackling the mysterious Oceanhorn beast.

The game is built in an attractive isometric perspective with full 3D graphics. It looks great, plays great, and is a charming adventure from start to finish. This game was later brought to consoles, though it is hard to compete with the Zelda series on the Nintendo Switch.


Cat Quest is a simple game, but it's clear that the developers knew exactly what to do with it. You take the role of a legendary cat who is tasked with saving Felingard from evil. You make your way across an open world that's packed with tough monsters and dragons to tackle.

You learn new abilities to open up where you can travel and can pass through spooky dungeons. Cat Quest is also an attractive game, as the entire world is designed to look like a map. You'll use swords and magic to take on monsters while going on side quests to help the citizens out at every turn.


If you're an MMO fan, look no further than Old School Runescape. This is the version of the game that many played as children and teenagers, complete with the low-polygon models, simple textures, and an entire world to explore. For those that want to go back and remember the times they spent on the computer, this is the game to get.

However, even newcomers have a lot to enjoy, as Old School Runescape is a solid MMO game. There are all sorts of skills to learn, quests to complete, and special equipment to find. If you become a member, you get a lot more content included.


The Dragon Ball series has been popular with gamers for quite some time. While all the attention is focused on games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, the mobile crowd still gets their fill of impressive titles. Dragon Ball Legends is structured like a fighting game on a smartphone, but it has a card battling system that makes things a bit more streamlined.

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Fighting games are difficult to pull off with touch controls, so the substitution of special cards was a nice touch. Each battle is set in attractive landscapes and includes impressive 3D character models. Fans of the franchise shouldn't miss this.


Racing games have become popular on mobile devices. While many developers are concerned with making the graphics as realistic as possible, Horizon Chase went in the opposite direction. Making smarter use of limited mobile technology, this game makes use of high contrast and low-detailed models to deliver a unique racing experience.

The game will take players on nice-looking tracks all over the world where speed is the name of the game. Players can collect and race with all sorts of different cars. Each race is more intense and cutthroat than the last. Players will need to keep their wits as they adapt to each new course.


As much as the popularity of Fortnite has annoyed some people, there's no denying how impressive it is that Epic got the game running on mobile devices. Furthermore, this is the same version of the battle royale game that players can find on consoles. While the controls take some getting used to, it has all the same quirks, for better or worse.

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What's most impressive about this version of the game is that it supports cross-play. Players who have an Epic account on mobile can play with their friends on PC. That sort of linking is unprecedented, but the fact that it works is commendable.


Oddmar is about a Viking named Oddmar, who tries to get into Valhalla but is denied entrance. He is given one last chance to gain passage into the sacred land, but he must embark on a long platforming adventure. Right away, it's clear that Oddmar is a gorgeous game, using limited phone technology to create artistic 2D environments based on Viking imagery.

There are plenty of 2D platformers on mobile devices that are quite good, but Oddmar rises to the top with its crisp animations, its beautiful scenery, and its downright fun platforming. If you like platformers, this is the one to get.


The glory of building and crafting comes to mobile devices with Minecraft: Pocket Edition. When it comes to sandbox games on mobile devices, it's hard to compete with the game that makes the sky the limit. While the Pocket Edition doesn't have all the same features that the PC or console versions have, it's still very close to the full version of the game.

Even then, there are still plenty of things to do in the Pocket Edition. Let your imagination run wild in crazy worlds and create whatever you want with this game. It's a big game that works just as well on a smartphone.


Running games are all the rage on mobile devices. Nintendo eventually put their hat in the ring with Super Mario Run. Designing the game so it would work with just one hand, there's a lot to love here. Incorporating the art style from New Super Mario Bros, the game is cutesy and attractive. Mario automatically runs, but players must tap to make him jump.

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With every level designed around this gimmick, the creativity and level design of Nintendo shine through, creating some exciting and fun levels to complete. There are plenty of characters to look and new worlds to enjoy with Super Mario Run.


Donut County is game where you play as a hole in the ground. You gobble up items to get bigger. Each stage is set up so players can only swallow certain things at a time. You essentially have to figure out which order you can consume objects. However, with the game based in a physics engine, objects have behaviors similar to real life, leading to some catastrophically enjoyable moments.

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Donut County's minimalist art style goes a long way on mobile devices as well, making it both look and play without any hitches. The big catch is that Donut County is only available for iPhone users and hasn't made it to the Play Store yet.

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