10 MCU Board Games That Every Marvel Fan Should Play

Both board games and the MCU have risen in popularity recently, so it's only natural that the likes of Marvel and Monopoly would come together.

With the MCU becoming so large, the stories and characters have led to numerous opportunities in merchandising. One of the most popular products that the MCU has spurned has been board and card games with its worlds and characters. These games range from different versions of classic board games to original creations to make better use of the world and its characters.

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These board games were designed with MCU fans in mind, but casual and hardcore fans alike can still enjoy them. If you're a big MCU fan, then you should play these 10 games as soon as possible, but no matter your depth of knowledge regarding that world, you're sure to get a few good times out of these great games.


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Pictopia is a game all about knowledge, meaning that those who know a lot about the MCU will flourish and those who don't, may have a harder time. Pictopia is based on a series of cards that ask questions with pictures of objects, locations, or characters at the bottom.

It's the player's job to select the appropriate pictures for each question to get them right. Players earn tokens for answering questions correctly, but they can also gamble their earned tokens to gain even more. There are over 200 questions in this tin, so it'll be sure to keep a group busy for quite a while.


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The Hail HYDRA board game is all about trying to save or conquer New York. Players must work together to stop HYDRA from taking over, so they take the role of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. However, some players function as HYDRA operatives who infiltrated the organization.

Those players are trying to let HYDRA conquer New York and keep their identities a secret. It's a game all about strategy and manipulation, as players will take on a great number of villains from Marvel Comics while trying to stop the dastardly Red Skull. The game is great for big groups, as it takes at least five players.


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Codenames is a game all about communication and coordination. Players take the role of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents or HYDRA agents. Each team's goal is to find all of their assets on the board, which come in the form of famous Marvel heroes and villains. Players can only give clues to their teammates in the form of one word and one number.

It's then that teams must work together to guess which heroes and villains belong to them. However, Thanos owns one of the cards on the board and if that card is ever selected, the game is automatically over and the Mad Titan takes over.


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Upper Deck Legendary is a deck-building game that is popular with Marvel Comics fans. Players are taking decks and building their own teams of heroes to take on villains from the Marvel Universe. In the Marvel Studios version, the game is organized the same way, but everything is based on characters and events from the MCU.

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This particular box includes events and characters from the Phase One, so don't expect to see anything past The Avengers represented. This card game is packaged in a beautiful golden box to celebrate ten years of the MCU, so it's sure to be a hot item for collectors too.


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Risk is one of those board games that will never go out of style. Taking different franchises and worlds, Risk has created different boards and applied the same formula to allow players to wage wars in Middle-Earth, around the Death Star, and now in Manhattan. MCU Risk is a smaller map than most Risk games, but it's sure to make people think more carefully.

It includes factions and characters from the MCU trying to outdo one another. The board is also double-sided, with the other side made for a Guardians of the Galaxy-based Risk card game, allowing for two different games in one sweet package.


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Leave it to a card game based on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to have a hilarious premise. The entire goal of the game is to keep the music playing without running out of batteries or having bad gear. Each player picks a Guardian like Rocket and draws event cards to keep things interesting at all times.

The players with the best gear end up winning the game, but it can be hard to do with villains like Ronan the Accuser and Ego ready to hop on the board at any moment. It's not a difficult game to play or understand, so it's great for all ages.


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Marvel: Contest of Champions is a fairly big mobile game about famous Marvel heroes duking it out strictly because the Grandmaster said so. Alongside the release of Avengers: Infinity War came a board game based on the mobile game titled "Marvel Contest of Champions: Battlerealm".

Players each take control of one Marvel hero and travel through different locations that have different effects. The end goal is to be the ultimate Marvel hero by taking out every opponent. However, there are plenty of special events and effects that can happen at any moment to shake things up.


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Hedbanz is a game where a card is placed on your head and you have to guess what's on your head based on clues given to you by other players. The first person to guess their card wins the game. Marvel Hedbanz, in that sense, is exactly what you'd expect.

The big difference is that it has cards of Marvel characters that go on your head. Also, instead of just headbands, the game gives masks based on some of their popular heroes. With 60 character cards included in the game, it's sure to keep people entertained for multiple rounds before getting the same card.


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Monopoly is one of those games that will work with just about anything. With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came a Monopoly version. This version of the game is basically what you'd expect: You select your game piece and move around the board, buying properties and collecting money.

Instead of buying locations, this version of Monopoly tasks you with buying characters from both Guardians of the Galaxy movies. It also adds ships instead of railroads and has Awesome Mix cards instead of Chance and Community Chance. With it bringing content from both films, it's the ultimate Monopoly game for fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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The classic game of Guess Who? now gets a superpowered upgrade. The Guess Who? Marvel Edition is the classic game that we all know and love with the added bonus of including Marvel characters. Players must ask different questions to narrow things down, such as whether they fight in space or not or what color their costumes are.

The Marvel Edition includes characters from the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy to keep things interesting. With the game being so simple, just about anyone can jump in for a few rounds, making it a great game for the whole family.

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