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Now that Marvel Studios has the rights back, it's really only a matter of time before they bring back the world's most famous vampire slayer not named Buffy. The first two Blade movies are classics of the genre, and they're an intriguing case study in how to take

a lesser-known comic book character, find what works, discard the rest, and create a pop culture phenomenon. Blade was never a big deal until the movies, and now, even though he hasn't appeared on the screen in years, he's a household name.

Bringing Eric Brooks into the MCU shouldn't be too hard, since the prior movies have already demonstrated what works and what doesn't. The key is taking the lessons from the past, and approaching the character in a new way, perhaps with a new focus. Though Wesley Snipes has actively pushed to take the role back, it doesn't seem likely, since Marvel has up to this point never included actors from previous adaptations of a character.

There have been rumors that a new Blade film has been discussed, that would focus on the story of Blade's daughter, Fallon Grey, a popular high school girl whose life crashes down around her when she finds out about her vampiric heritage. Too early to say, but we're willing to bet that when Marvel starts getting into the horror game, Blade will be one of the first ones out there. And with the recent steps Marvel Comics has taken towards diversifying their superhero lineups, don't be surprised if Fallon Grey is given a chance to shine this time around.

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