The 10 Best Marvel Hoodies You Can Get Right Now

Iron Man has his suit, Black Panther has his mask, you have your hoodie. These are Merchoid's best Marvel hoodies, ranked from great to greatest. They are built for real life, durable and movable so that you can hop between buildings and swing over the city with ease.

The designs are classy and mature enough to wear as regular clothing, a far cry from merch that makes you look like you're wearing a costume from a Stan Lee supply store. Pick your favorite to wear your fandom where it counts - right across your chest. Stay warm and comfy while you're facing the world with these hoodies.

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10 Avengers: Phase Three Commemorative Hoodie

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The Phase Three Hoodie is a limited edition piece, with only 1,963 units available in the world. That number is no mistake - this top was created to commemorate The Avengers' 1963 comic debut. The first issue featured Ant-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp and Hulk.

Each special hoodie is individually numbered, on an internal label, tucked away. It's black with comfortable paneling, breathable fabric and gold embroidered details. The Avengers logo appears across the chest, with a zip-up front and drawstring hoodie, complete with front pockets on either side. This is a get-it-while-you-can product, that is a great collector's item you can wear.

9 Spider-Man: Frequent Flyer Hoodie

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This is a riff on the classic blue and red Spider-Man suit and one that is not created for the sedentary or faint of heart. The structure of this hoodie is meant for athletic use, for activities from soccer and sprinting to parkour and fighting neighborhood crime.

The panels are interwoven to provide extra security and prevent damage to the garment when leaping around downtown. The black and red design is sleek and a sharp, white spider logo appears emblazoned on the back. The drawstring hood and zip-up front allow you to sneak around unnoticed. Whether you're shooting hoops or shooting webs, this sporty spidey sweater is for you.

8 Deadpool: Dressed to Kill Hoodie

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This hoodie is for fans with a little bit of a twisted sense of humor and a voracious appetite for tacos and chimichangas, with a side of pancakes and maple syrup. Built to last through all of life's adventures, The black and red design mimics Deadpool's suit, with black paneling on the shoulders and sides, and red on the front and back of the sweater, with a red hood.

The Deadpool logo appears on the chest to the left, right over your heart, where you hold your undying loyalty to this fun and inimitable hero. A zip-up pocket on the arm allows you to stash a mini hot sauce in case of emergencies.

7 Punisher: Crime and Punishment Hoodie

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You can feel safe and secure in this hoodie, with a giant white skull logo beaming from the front, imagining that like Frank Castle, you have a sturdy layer of armor beneath it. The rest of the hoodie is solid black, balancing out the huge logo that matches the size of the one in the films.

The small pocket on the left arm zips up securely, making it great for keeping your key in while you're out for a run or dealing with bad guys. The drawstring hood and zip-up front complete this functional and cool-looking garment and make it a great addition to any hero's wardrobe.

6 Spider-Man: Premium Hoodie

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If you've always wanted your own classic spidey suit, imagining yourself decked out in red and blue with the black spider logo on your chest, look no further. This hoodie is modeled after Spider-Man's most famous suit, with paneling in his colors and a crisp logo.

It features a polygonal print, a riff on the original web design on the suit. The material is 100% polyester, which is more durable than cotton and can be worn and washed again and again without ruining the piece - and it's less likely to rip during spontaneous athletics. The extra paneling on the forearms provides added support when you need it.

5 Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster Premium Hoodie

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This hoodie is a women's fit, perfect for female fans or for Captain Marvel herself, on her off days where she needs to dress down but still represent. The paneling on the front and back provides extra structure and mobility where you need it, so no matter what you need to do, your red, blue and gold will stay with you.

The look is inspired by the new suit from the movie and features high-quality stitching and gold detailing. The hood has a drawstring and the front zips up. Two front pockets provide space for hiding a tesseract if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

4 Black Panther: The Mantle of King Hoodie

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This zip-up top with a drawstring hood is an athletic cut and fit, supportive for sports, running or anything else life may throw in your direction. It features two front pockets for stashing a heart-shaped herb and ribbed cuffs, making it easier to layer a jacket over top of the hoodie when you're wearing it for its cool factor.

The Black Panther logo appears on the chest to the left, and the black and grey design is inspired by the suit that Black Panther wears. The fabric is breathable and resistant to wear and tear, perfect for use as activewear or for everyday style.

3 Spider-Gwen Hoodie

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This is another hoodie that is a women's fit only. The best part of this item is that the superhero it represents wears a hoodie as part of her outfit, so this can be used to enhance a Spider-Gwen costume for Halloween or Comic-Con, or just to make you feel like you're Gwen for a day.

The patterning replicates Spider-Gwen's dance-inspired suit, with black panels reaching up at the chest and a pink web pattern down the sides. The interior of the hoodie features the same pink web pattern, and a Spider-Gwen logo appears on the back, between the shoulder blades. With two front pockets, a zipper and an adjustable hood, you are fully equipped.

2 Avengers Endgame: Advanced Tech Hoodie

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Celebrate Avengers: Endgame with this advanced tech hoodie, available in both men's and women's sizing. The red, black and white design looks athletic, clean and stylish, while still representing your favorite heroes and movies.

This can be worn in any environment and isn't too on-the-nose in terms of fan merch. The sporty cut and advanced panelling allow for support, flexibility and breathability when you're on the go or at the gym. The Avengers logo appears on both the upper arm and the left chest. The front zips up and the hood is adjustable, for extra comfort after a tough workout or fight for justice.

1 Miles Morales Hoodie

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Inspired by the cool suit that Miles Morales wears in the animated hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (and definitely not inspired by the makeshift costume he starts out with), this hoodie is both a proud fan merch item and a stylish everyday piece.

The black and red design is sharp and clean, with striped, ribbed cuffs and a drawstring hood that has a continuation of the web pattern climbing up it. This is a pullover design, rather than a close athletic fit, so it can be thrown on and zipped up quickly over any other layers. This is a practical item and looks awesome, with high-quality, bright red print and details on the front and back.

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