15 DC/Marvel Superhero Team-Ups We'd Love To See

With the two most famous comic publishers-Marvel and DC-having previously crossed over in comics already, here is Screenrant's 15 DC/Marvel Team-Ups!

Flash Spider-Man - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

For years, the powerhouses known as Marvel and DC have been teaming-up to bring us some of the most interesting character collaborations and battles we’ve ever seen. There are comics where we get to see The Avengers face the Justice League, Superman vs. the Hulk, and Batman team-up with Captain America.

With the numerous team-ups and battles that Marvel and DC have allowed their characters to have with each other, there are still countless combinations of characters that could meet face to face as either allies or enemies. Some characters from both universes have a lot in common with each other, making a team-up between some of them seem like a natural fit. Surely, we all have our own favorite combinations of characters from both universes that we’d love to see interact, but we’ll take a look at just 30 characters we’d love to come together to form 15 amazing team-ups!

Here is Screenrant's 15 DC/Marvel Team-Ups We'd Love To See!

16 Batman/Moon Knight

Batman and Moon Knight - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

Batman may be admittedly more popular, but he and Moon Knight are perfect matches for each other. With Moon Knight’s more recent iterations and Batman’s various incarnations, the two heroes share numerous similarities. Marc Spector, Moon Knight, has been reinvented as a more tech-savvy hero but he still maintains his brutality and mental instability. Bruce Wayne, while not having multiple personalities, is recognized as being mentally unstable at times.

Of course, we know of Batman’s countless gadgets and vehicles, but Moon Knight has many of these as well such as: crescent darts (regular, explosive, adamantium, calling cards), truncheon (basically a baton that also works as a grappling gun), specialized gauntlets, the Mooncopter, a moon-themed motorcycle, Angelwing (one-manned flying vehicle), and a highly advanced limousine. Obviously there are plenty of similarities between both characters, but their interactions are what would be truly interesting.

With both character’s brutality, strength, and mental states, they would probably be a great match for each other. Hypothetically, they’d be a great match for physical villains like Bane or Kingpin, but would possibly struggle with a more cerebral villain like Joker. Being the masters of combat that they are, it’d be amazing to see them fight together and act as a team. There would definitely be symmetry between both heroes style, but it would be interesting to see how Batman worked with Marc’s multiple personalities.

15 SHAZAM/Thor

SHAZAM and Thor - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

These two are heroes thanks to their involvement with the realm of gods. Thor, as most of us know, is a literal god. SHAZAM, on the other hand, is a young boy (or sometimes a combination of children) who is chosen by the wizard Shazam to be the earthly conduit of the elder gods, Solomon, Hercules, Achilles, Zeus, Atlas, and Mercury. They both use lightning as one of their main forms of attack and are some of the strongest members of their respective universes. Thor has gone up against Glory (a deity consisting of thousands of dark gods and their worlds) and won, and Billy Batson has faced the likes of Black Adam and Superman. While these heroes are both divinely powerful, they have much more in common than that.

Even though seeing them go up against immensely powerful villains would surely be amazing to see, it would be interesting how each of their immaturity plays into their battles. Billy Batson, being just a boy, is often too cocky and unobservant, and Thor, being the son of Odin, can be brash and arrogant when it comes to fighting. Seeing each of these heroes having to keep their cockiness in check to ensure their victory would be refreshing for both of their characters. Imagine them going up against Thanos with the infinity gauntlet, and having to realize that they must be more thoughtful in their attacks in order to defeat him!

14 The Flash/Spider-Man

Flash Spider-Man - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

Despite Marvel and DC being vastly different, both of their mainstay superhero teams, The Avengers and The Justice League, have heroes that are known for being the jokesters. For these two teams, those characters were always The Flash and Spider-Man. In every medium, we see these heroes smiling and quipping as they take on an array of different obstacles ranging from universal cataclysm to saving a cat from a tree branch. The Flash and Spider-Man have always stood as beacons of humanity, hilarity, and hope in their respective teams.

It would be especially interesting to see these heroes’ powers come together to work in tandem. With both of these guys being some of the strongest heroes in their universes (Flash can alter time, and Spidey can lift up to 10 tons), one would imagine that the threat would have to be great if they hoped to stand a chance against these two. With Flash’s speed, Spider-Man’s senses and strength, they would make quite the dynamic duo.

13 Deathstroke/Punisher

Punisher and Deathstroke - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

With Deathstroke’s enhancements and Punisher’s determination, these two would make a bloody, but great team. Their penchant for killing would make them easy allies, and seeing as how both are anti-heroes in their own rights they could find camaraderie in that. Although Deathstroke has spent much more time on the wrong side of the law than the Punisher, both have lived by strict moral codes, implemented by themselves. They are also ex-soldiers whose backgrounds play a lot into who and what they are now.

Both of these anti-heroes have had some amazing feats as well that could possibly make them one of the most deadly teams we’ve ever seen. Deathstroke nearly defeated the entire Justice League during Identity Crisis and has even fought Lobo, one of DC’s all-time most powerful beings. The Punisher has killed many mafiosos and criminals in the regular continuity of the Marvel universe, but has even held his own against Marvel’s golden boy Spider-Man. He has also taken on Kingpin and The Hand who are highly skilled villains. The Punisher has a separate continuity story called The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe where he indeed does kill every single hero and villain. With skills that are of this magnitude, both of these mercenaries together would be unstoppable. They could perhaps kill both of these universes if they were to combine their forces.

12 Swamp Thing/Man-Thing

Swamp Thing and Man Thing - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

Many might think that these are the same character just published by different companies, but these heroes can be quite different. Swamp Thing is much more humanoid in nature whereas Man-Thing reacts much more like a monster. Both are superheroes, defend an area of swamp land, and have amazing powers, but Swamp Thing plays a more prominent role in the DCU than Man-Thing plays in the MU. While both are practically immortal, Man-Thing also has a power to read emotions. Positive emotions make him a gentle giant, but negative emotions make him incredibly violent and strong.

With the combined powers of Swamp Thing and Man-Thing, they would have to face an enemy of immeasurable strength. A good way for them to find a worthy match would be for Man-Thing to teleport them somewhere using the Nexus of All Realities that he protects. Seeing an army of Swamp Things (he has the power to replicate) and an enraged Man-Thing battling a swarm of enemies (or just one powerful enemy) could be incredibly fun. With powers as immense as theirs, they cannot lose.

11 The Joker/Mark Millar's Nemesis

Nemesis and Joker - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

The Joker is widely considered the best villain in comic history. He is also known to kill those he works with, so finding someone to team up with can be a problem. However, it isn’t unlike him to have an alliance with another villain as long as the Joker feels as if his goals are being served. So, who could have a lasting partnership with DC’s resident psychopath? None other than Marvel’s admitted Joker rip-off, Nemesis. Despite Nemesis literally being created as a Batman-type character with the mind of the Joker, he really could hold his own next to the Clown Prince of Crime. Both of these masterminds have the same goal in life and share an extremely important character trait: anonymity. For years, Joker’s anonymity has served as the most important weapon in his arsenal, sparing him from blackmail or weaknesses. Nemesis has the exact same position and even adopts a character backstory just to throw the police off of his trail.

If these two were to form an alliance, the entire comic book universe could be at stake. With Joker’s updated origin that reveals him to be immortal and Nemesis’ vast wealth and intellect, they could virtually take on any hero in either universe. It would really be as if Batman and Joker formed a team to kill everyone, but Batman’s mind was corrupted to fit the Joker’s devious schemes. Truly, no one would be safe in a world ruled by the two most chaotic characters of these universes.

10 Orion/Silver Surfer

Orion and Silver Surfer - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

DC and Marvel have many gods and underlings to these gods in their respective universes. Many of these beings are evil while some remain heroic, but two of the most interesting of these characters are Orion and Silver Surfer. Both were destined for evil, yet were saved and later become heroes. Orion, the son of the horrific Darkseid, is New Genesis’ greatest warrior and defender, thanks to Highfather raising him to be peaceful. The Silver Surfer, who was the herald of Galactus for years, later turned on his master and became one of the many protectors of earth.

With both harnessing some of the greatest powers in their universes, and having two of the coolest modes of transportation (Silver Surfer's board and Orion's Astro-Harness) in either comics, it would be great to see them chase down their previous mentors and protecting worlds with life on them from the wrath of their mentors. A team-up of this magnitude would without a doubt be enough to frighten even the toughest of villains. It would be interesting to see Orion’s temperament collide with Silver Surfer’s usually even keel persona. It would feel a bit like a galactic buddy cop adventure.

9 Darkseid/Thanos

Darkseid and Thanos - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

Darkseid, the darkest god of the DC universe, and Thanos, the Mad Titan, are the two main cosmic villains of these two universes. With Darkseid’s creation, Marvel followed suit, and modeled a villain after the dark god himself in the form of Thanos. With these two being the quintessential cosmic villains, their team-up would surely threaten the multiverse. In their quest for death, destruction, and power they would be potentially unstoppable.

It would be frightening to see them both acquire their most desired possessions: Darkseid’s coveted Anti Life Equation and Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. An alliance like this would require the attention of not only The Justice League and Avengers, but perhaps the strength of the teams from each world’s teams. With Thanos and Darkseid’s motives, the heroes may even be able to earn the help of some of their villains in order to avoid the absolute destruction of the multiverse. One could only imagine how far these two would get in their conquest. They may even succeed and become rulers of a desolate universe.

8 Catwoman/Black Widow

Black Widow and Catwoman - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

We’ve seen Black Widow hold her own among the the Avengers and take out powerful enemies. Being just a mere mortal, she is an extremely skilled fighter who has spent some of her time as a mercenary before turning to a life of do-gooding. Catwoman, on the other hand, has been much less black and white with her allegiances during her tenure in a costume. She too is a highly skilled combatant, but also has strength in the form of stealth rather than deception like Black Widow. If these two femme fatales were to combine their deadly forces, they could be the world’s greatest spy duo.

Imagine a film where they must put their skills to use in order to uncover a terrorist plot orchestrated by other spies in order to incriminate them. Black Widow’s spy abilities would help uncover the plot and keep them on the trail. Catwoman’s skill of stealing and stealth would help gain enough evidence to prove their innocence to the world.

7 Wonder Woman/Carol Danver's Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel has crudely been described as “Superman with boobs,” but I think she’s much more like Wonder Woman. Both of these leading ladies can fly, have super-strength, and enhanced senses. While Danvers does have more natural abilities than Wonder Woman, Princess Diana has much more wisdom and experience. With her godly knowledge, lasso of truth, royal tiara, and bracelets of victory she can more than make up for her lack of energy absorption/projection, molecular control, and cosmic awareness. However, if these two were to form a team, they could easily outclass any other female team in either of their universes.

It would be interesting to see how each of their personalities coincide with one another because they are both militaristic and have unwavering wills. By having so much in common, Danvers and Diana could push each other to new heights as they try to outdo each other. These two alone could take on an armada of invaders, or even the likes of Ares.

6 Teen Titans/The Young Avengers

Teen Titans - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

These young heroes are the two greatest teams of adolescents in either universe. Most of these kids are underlings to the existing heroes or have powers similar to those of the main teams: The Justice League and The Avengers. Regardless of being teenagers, these teams have faced tough adversaries over the years and helped protect various parts of the worlds they inhabit. The Teen Titans have had internal conflicts throughout the years and many roster changes, but their goals have always remained the same: protect the innocent and create their own identities. The Young Avengers have had a similar history, but often times they aren’t as worried about separating themselves from the older heroes.

If these two teams were to team up, it’d be great to see them take on their older counterparts. Imagine a Marvel/DC Zombies story-line where all of the younger heroes were forced to kill their mentors, idols, and older partners. The challenge would pose an incredibly difficult physical task for the teens, but also present an intense mental challenge for them as well.

5 Suicide Squad/Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts and Suicide Squad - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

The two predominant teams of villains doing heroic deeds in each universe are The Suicide Squad and the Thunderbolts. Both have various line-ups and varying origins, but both have come to eventually be led by non-criminal heroes - Rick Flag and Hawkeye are two examples.

If we were to see these teams come together, it would be interesting to see the connections between the characters who are outright supervillains, and those who are heroes. For instance, seeing Sergeant Steel interact with Bullseye could be a basis for some intense internal conflicts between the team, but ultimately seeing these teams come together would be nothing short of bloody awesome. It would be great to see some of the team counterparts compete amongst one another to see who was the best at any given skill, while still in pursuit of their chosen enemy. It could be interesting to see each team forced to go up against their government agencies like C.H.E.C.K.M.A.T.E. or S.H.I.E.L.D. and take on the heroes associated with these organizations.

4 John Stewart's Green Lantern/Sam Wilson's Captain America

John Stewart Green Lantern and Sam Wilson Captain America - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

With both men being war veterans, they share a lot of the same values and goals. Even though John Stewart has more cosmic experience, Sam Wilson’s charm lies in his every-man roots. Both have their footholds in their communities as they both went out of their ways to stand up against racism and poverty. Regardless of John Stewart’s vast power, and Sam Wilson’s much more grounded abilities (except for his avian telepathy), these heroes would surely become great friends and allies in their crusade against evil. Not only could they take on racism and stand as shining idols for the underprivileged, but these two men could physically take on an array of villains.

A possible adventure for these heroes could be for them to team-up and unite as soldiers first to later find out their secret identities. Thus, allowing them to form a duo that respects each other as brothers in arms and as symbols for justice and peace. They could begin as soldiers in a current Middle Eastern conflict to later have to join forces against Sinestro and Red Skull.

3 Constantine/Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange and Constantine - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

Constantine might consider himself just a “dabbler” in the dark arts, but he has proven to be so much more than that over his tenure in the DC universe. Dr. Strange on the other hand, is known as “The Sorcerer Supreme.” He’s a master, and knows it. While Constantine can be cocky, Dr. Strange is known for it. They might have different levels of skills, but Constantine could bring some emotion to the duo that Dr. Strange has always seemed to be lacking. That’s not to say that Stephen Strange hasn’t had emotional moments, but Constantine would be a great way to enhance these moments and create a tone with equal parts levity and darkness.

Both men are damaged characters thanks to their shameful histories of being mean people, but they have come a long way, now becoming their universes go to sorcerers. While Stephen Strange deals much more in the realm of the heroes and helps take on enemies of the Avengers, Constantine has spent much more time in the dark. This is why an enemy like Zom, an immensely powerful mystic from the Marvel universe, or The First of The Fallen, essentially the devil of the DC universe would be great villains for these two sorcerers to face. With their combined powers, they could take on these tough villains with much more ease.

2 Brainiac/Dr. Doom

Brainiac and Dr. Doom - Marvel/DC Superhero Team-Ups

A diabolic duo, these two amazingly evil minds would form the smartest evil alliance either of these universes have seen. Brainiac is described as having a level 12-intellect (all of earth has a combined intellect of 1), and Dr. Doom is described as perhaps being the greatest mortal mind in the Marvel universe. While Doom has spent some time helping the world, there is no doubt that he would align with Brainiac’s conquest of dominating the universe in order to accumulate all the knowledge there is. Also, Brainiac is no stranger to finding accomplices in his crusade to conquer and bottle the universe. For instance, he’s taken over the body of Lex Luthor and collaborated with other villains throughout his history.

There would be few who could stand in the way of these masterminds, and few who would pose a great enough challenge to the vast minds and resources these two possess. On top of their these two advantages, Dr. Doom also possesses mystical abilities that allows him to go up against even the strongest of mages in the Marvel universe. Dr. Strange himself now considers Dr. Doom to be one of the top level sorcerers in the entire world. In order to combat both, Dr. Doom’s Doombots and Brainiac’s robotic probes, their minds, and all of their other abilities, the protagonists would need a well-picked team of superheroes with skills and powers that could go up against this armada. Even then, this combination of mighty geniuses may prove to be too powerful for even a coalition of heroes to stop them.

1 Conclusion


There you have it nerds! Be sure to check out the huge variety of crossover comics that these companies have put out and perhaps you’ll find your favorite team-up in the pages of these older comics. Hopefully, at least one of your dream team-ups made it on the list. If it didn’t, be sure to let us know what your favorite alliance would be between the characters from the DC and Marvel universes in the comments below!

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