15Annihilation (2006)


Contributors to Marvel have always looked to the stars for the next big storyline. Whenever Marvel writers need to produce something epic, they tend to dive into the infinite void of the cosmos and produce something so grand that it forces the entire universe to stand at attention. Annihilation

is another in a long line of Marvel crossover events that took to the cosmos, but it’s a far different experience from nearly everything that came before. Rather than focus on a galactic presence that is threatening Earth and its mightiest heroes, Annihilation takes place almost entirely in the furthest reaches of space, where some of Marvel’s heaviest cosmic hitters are involved in a battle that barely even references our home planet.

Yet, Annihilation isn’t just about the spectacle of the situation. This is the story that finally brought together a line of characters that sometimes seemed to exist as a deus ex machina. Even better, it introduced and helped to popularize a new wave of interstellar heroes and villains that hold their own against some of Marvel’s biggest names. This story proves that the true strength of every great event story is their ability to provide something truly different.

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