11 Craziest Items of Marvel Merchandise

Hulkbuster Statue - Crazy Marvel Merch

With a wide variety of characters featured in comics, movies, and TV shows, Marvel has plenty of opportunities for merchandising. From action figures to posters to clothing, there are thousands of items available for Marvel fans to purchase. With this giant selection, there are bound to be some items that are a little strange.

We’ve searched the internet for some of the craziest Marvel merchandise you can buy. Some are everyday objects you wouldn’t expect to feature superheroes, while others are collectables for the most die-hard fans. While you might question why anyone would buy some of these items, let's be honest, someone out there probably owns them.

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Avengers Waffle Iron - Crazy Marvel Merch
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11 Avengers Waffle Iron

Avengers Waffle Iron - Crazy Marvel Merch

There’s nothing like a superhero-themed breakfast to help you wake up in the morning. Not only are The Avengers portrayed on the top of this waffle iron, but there are also molds inside that correspond to specific characters. You can have a waffle branded with Iron Man’s mask, Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, or the Hulk’s fist (sorry, Hawkeye and Black Widow.) While the designs aren’t nearly as impressive as this Avengers pancake art, it’s still a fun way to make the most important meal of the day. To really go all out, you can follow it up with some shawarma for lunch.

10 Dancing Baby Groot Toy

One of the most memorable scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy features baby Groot joyously grooving to the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” Taking advantage of the popularity of the character, Marvel released a Groot toy that plays music and actually dances.

The sapling Groot is in a little pot and when you press a button, “I Want You Back” plays and he starts dancing his heart out. The toy is sound-activated, so Groot will shake and shimmy to whatever music (or random noise) is nearby. Of all the odd Marvel merchandise out there, this is perhaps the most adorable.

9 Marvel Chess Collection

Looking to make chess a little more interesting? You can turn your game into a battle between heroes and villains with this Marvel chess collection. Each piece has a figure on top, with good guys on one side of the board and bad guys on the other.

The characters included in this set range across the Marvel universe, with superheroes like Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Wolverine facing off against villains such as Red Skull, Green Goblin, and Ultron. You have to pay for each piece, so amassing the entire eclectic set can get pricey, but it will definitely spruce up your chessboard.

8 Stan Lee Action Figure

Stan Lee Action Figure - Crazy Marvel Merch

When it comes to comic book merchandise, action figures are pretty standard. However, this figure is of a real person with some strong ties to the Marvel franchise. Stan Lee is a legend in the comic industry, having helped create some of the most iconic superheroes including Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Iron Man. He’s also made cameos in most of the movies based on his characters.

He has now been honored with a limited-edition action figure of his own, with only 1000 of them available. He’s not wearing a costume, just dressed in a normal outfit with a black jacket, grey pants, and glasses. He might not have any superpowers, but he helped make much of the Marvel universe possible.

7 Ant-Man Ant Farm

Ant-Man Ant Farm - Crazy Marvel Merch

If you feel like reliving part of your childhood, you can get this Ant-Man ant farm. Yes, there is Ant-Man merchandise that includes actual ants. It makes sense that someone would think of selling this when Ant-Man was released earlier this year, but it’s still pretty silly.

It’s exactly like the one you had back in the day, except with a picture of Ant-Man at the top. You can observe your ants digging tunnels through the sand, although it’s probably not nearly as exciting to watch as an adult. Now if you could shrink down and hang out with your ants, that would be a lot cooler.

6 Wearable Sleeping Bag

Wearable Sleeping Bags - Crazy Marvel Merch

The Selk'bag is an unusual product in itself even without the Marvel connection. Created in Chile, it’s a wearable sleeping bag that’s used mainly for camping. It’s shaped kind of like a snowsuit, and even comes with boots.

What makes this item even more odd is that it comes in styles that resemble Spider-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man. The bright green Hulk bag has fake abs on the front. We’re not sure why you would need a sleeping bag that looks kind of like a costume, especially while camping. But if you ever want to dress up as a superhero and stay warm at the same time, this would work.

5 Infinity Gauntlet Ice Tray

Infinity Gauntlet Ice Tray - Crazy Marvel Merch

The Infinity Gauntlet gives its wearer practically unlimited power, but this ice tray limits it to the simple task of cooling down your drink. Custom ice trays are a bit pointless, because the ice is just going to melt anyway. But if you’re particular about the shape of your ice, this mold does look pretty detailed. You can see all six of the Infinity Stones, which play a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you own this ice tray, you’re probably already looking forward to the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War films. But putting some Infinity Gauntlet-shaped ice in your drink might make you even more excited.

4 Rocket Raccoon Backpack

Rocket Raccoon Backpack - Crazy Marvel Merch

This isn’t a backpack with a picture of Rocket Raccoon on it; that would be too normal for this list. No, Rocket is the backpack and his arms are the straps. Why wouldn’t you want an outspoken, trigger-happy creature attached to you? You never know when he might come in handy. His back unzips to hold any objects you might need to help defend the galaxy, or just books for class.

You’ll probably get some weird looks carrying your furry friend around, as not many backpacks have tails. But if Rocket has your back, that basically makes you Groot. And no one is cooler than Groot.

3 Wolverine Beard Comb

Wolverine Beard Comb - Crazy Marvel Merch

Wolverine doesn’t always have facial hair in the X-Men comics, although Hugh Jackman does rock a beard while portraying him in the films. If you have a beard and want to take your grooming to the next level, you can try this custom comb that depicts the clawed hero. The handle of the comb features an image of Wolverine, while the teeth are meant to represent his claws.

So be careful, OK? We hear those things are sharp. If you’re serious about facial hair maintenance and a regular comb won’t do, this could be useful. Just don’t take any style tips from Wolverine: those sideburns are not a good look anyone but the man himself.

2 HYDRA Cufflinks

Hydra Cufflinks - Crazy Marvel Merch

These cufflinks allow you to subtlety represent the evil organization HYDRA while at a formal event. Cufflinks are rarely worn nowadays, so if you’re only going to own a couple pairs, we strongly recommend that they don’t feature the HYDRA logo. There’s never going to be an occasion where it’s appropriate to wear these (unless you’re at a gathering for supervillains, in which case, go ahead.)

While the red background with the black logo is admittedly cool, they would look out of place with the suit you're wearing to your friend's wedding. Besides, we're pretty sure that wearing these accessories will give you the urge to go up to random people and whisper "Hail HYDRA."

1 Life-size Hulkbuster Statue

Hulkbuster Statue - Crazy Marvel Merch

We’ve saved the most ridiculous piece of merchandise for last: a life-size statue of the Hulkbuster armor that Iron Man uses to fight the Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This replica is obviously gigantic; it’s nearly 10 feet tall and weighs over 1450 lbs. Even if you have an extra $18,500 to spend on this statue, you might have trouble finding a place to put it.

Despite its huge size, the armor is incredibly detailed and lights up in multiple places. The item is only available for pre-order right now, although we’re guessing there isn’t a high demand. But for a hardcore Marvel fan with plenty of cash to spare, this is the ultimate purchase.


Have you seen other weird Marvel merchandise that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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