15Like a Boss

The word “boss” has been thrown around so many times in hip hop music that it’s very meaning has become jumbled. To phrase it just correctly, being a “boss” is to be in employment of oneself. You are in charge of your own situation. Hip hop moguls are fond of

being “bosses” because they act outside of the system; they bend or conform to no one’s will.

A proverbial play on the word itself, the Lonely Island takes the meaning of “boss” quite literally here. Samberg, as a low-level manager, attends a performance report meaning with his superior, played by Seth Rogan. When questioned about how the branch manager spends his days as a boss, Samberg goes down the list which includes mundane activities like approving memos, talking to corporate, and hitting on fellow employee Debrah. As the list goes on the activities become more outlandish, which include chopping his own genitalia off, crashing his car, and puking on Debrah’s desk.

Parodying hip hop's cultural significance of the word, Samberg’s routine and otherwise hardcore lifestyle is just another life in the day of the “baus.”

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