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Set among a world where humans and superheroes co-exist, Powers began as a fantasy police-procedural comic from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. The story of Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley), a homicide detective and former superhuman investigating cases involving people

with special abilities, was first pitched as a television series to the FX network before eventually landing as the first original series on the PlayStation Network. The adaptation of the Marvel comic depicts superheroes as pop icons, referred to as “Powers” by the rest of the world and given their own specialized advertising agencies. Christian was once one of the most famous Powers, known as Diamond. When his ability to fly is taken from him by his mentor “Big Bad” Wolfe (Eddie Izzard), another superhuman with the ability to drain the life force from anyone he touches, he finds himself working alongside the untrained Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) under the special Powers Division of the police department.

Lacking ingenuity and chemistry between its leads, Powers has yet to build a sustainable audience among critics with its promising premise. The series is relatively tame, sticking to its procedural roots while never fully capitalizing on the fantasy elements of the show. It’s largely comparable to Gotham on Fox minus the Batman lore and brooding style of the city. The comic sadly doesn’t translate well to the screen with many of the heroes feeling misplaced and far too animated in the costume department to appear as anything the real world would ever accept as normal. There’s still plenty of potential for the series. If nothing more, Powers provides a unique perspective of the superhero world from the people left cleaning up the mess. In an era where comic book adaptations have taken over television, it’s a shame that more never came of Bendis and Oeming’s story. It lands at the end of our list as an afterthought among many more brighter shows making their name among the very best on the small screen.

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