10 Key & Peele Sketches That Could Be Movies

That Keanu trailer, about Key & Peele posing as gangsters to rescue a kitten (named Keanu) from some actual gangsters, is the best thing on the internet right now. It also sounds like a sketch more than an actual movie. Will they be able to tretch the idea out for 90 minutes and change and still keep it funny? We don't know but we're willing to find out.

This comedic duo was responsible for the best sketch comedy show since Chappelle's Show, and produced some of the most hilarious and culturally relevant sketches of the last few years. They're already supposed to be making the Substitute Teacher sketches into a movie, but there's literally hundreds of other sketches to draw from, too. The sheer volume is enormous, and it has us thinking: what other sketches should be turned into movies.

Here are 10 Key & Peele Sketches That Could Be Movies


10 Levi and Cedric

Levi and Cedric are just two good friends that like to smoke a little bit of pot together. Unfortunately for Cedric, Levi often comes up with weird ideas and want to do even stranger things. A goose, a steampunk bicycle, lightning in a bottle, a literal high horse, trying to teach a rat to be a chef, all these and more can be found in Levi’s apartment.

Levi and Cedric play well enough off each other as an Odd Couple, with Cedric very much being the straight man, that there’s definitely a movie somewhere in their weird adventures, something like a much weirder version of Pineapple Express.

9 Terries


A classic “two crazy people being absolutely crazy” sketch, Key and Peele are two airline passengers that are ready for any “terries” (terrorists) that might try to hijack their plane. Much to the annoyance of every other passenger on board the plane, these two guys are not shy to let everyone know how prepared they are for these terries.

Actually put some terrorists on that plane and put these guys and their supposed preparedness to the test, and viewers are in for some laughs. Maybe pair them up with an actually competent air marshal or law enforcement of some sort and there’s your movie.

8 A Capella

Conflict erupts when Troy feels threatened about his place in the a capella group when Mark tries to join. Two black guys in a group of goofy white dudes, they both feel that there’s only room enough for one of them and neither plan to let those goofy white guys get away.

A movie could focus on the increasing aggression between the two and the increasing lengths which they are willing to go to solidify their position in the group. Though, as with most movies like this, Troy and Mark would find, in the end, that they’re not so different and there just might be room enough for both of them.

7 Alien Impostors

The world is under attack and civilization has fallen into chaos as aliens descend from the sky and begin to lay waste to our cities. Aliens are among the ruins, posing as humans and further hunting down the survivors. Two guys traverse the ruins of the city, constantly on lookout for other survivors and aliens posing as survivors.

Using their wits, racism, and stereotypes, they two men creep their way through the city, taking out alien imposters along the way. Key and Peele could easily take this concept and turn into something like a comedic version of I Am Legend.

6 Strike Force Eagle 3: The Reckoning

We’ve all seen those 80s B-list action movies involving a rogue cop/soldier whose wife was kidnapped by some drug lord or another. Many of them are so, so terrible that they are actually just a little bit good. This sketch is just Key and Peele doing their ridiculous send up of the genre, complete with an action hero cop who just might like snapping people’s necks a little too much.

I say we let Key and Peele do their version of this genre, giving us something a little like MacGruber, but with more necks getting snapped and probably just as many explosions and accidental deaths.

5 911 Call


A man is walking down the street when he sees a woman passed out on the sidewalk. Acting quickly, he makes a phone call to 911 to get help. Over the course of the phone call and the conversation with the 911 dispatcher, the man falls in love with the woman, even refusing to administer CPR because he feels that it is just not right to take advantage of her.

Eventually, the man also passes out, only to have the woman wake up and also call 911, with her remarking on the fact that he’s an attractive, single man. Turning this into a movie could be a bit of a modern, and more ridiculous, take on While You Were Sleeping.

4 Shaboots and T-Ray

There’s a couple of sketches here, where Shaboots and T-Ray, who look straight out of the Player Haters Ball sketches from Chappelle’s Show, teach a class of other men some essentials about their ladies: how to go down on them and giving them some info on menstrual cycles.

This could easily be set up like School for Scoundrels, where a student only passes the class and gains mastery after besting Shaboots and T-Ray in competition for a lady. Making things even more interesting, you could go with the reveal of the first sketch and have Shaboots and T-Ray actually be women in disguise.

3 Anger Translator

This is a Key & Peele sketch that was so successful it crossed over into the real world and got Keegan Michael Key a chance to perform the sketch with President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Luther is an Anger Translator, he helps put President Obama’s even-toned, mellow speeches into context by yelling and letting you know what was really meant.

Maybe Luther can still help the President and it’s a much angrier version of The King’s Speech. Or maybe we cut out the whole President angle and Luther helps an awkward and quiet kid find his loud, angry, yelling voice.

2 East/West College Bowl

One of the most popular recurring bits, the East/West College Bowl started as a way to poke fun at the increasingly ridiculous names that many college and professional football players seem to have, but then became much more. If it got the movie treatment, you’ve already got a ton of ridiculous characters that you could be expanded on, or Key and Peele could surely come up with plenty more.

Think of it as something like The Longest Yard or Blue Mountain State. Hard hitting football, with the comedy and ridiculousness of Bismo Funyuns, the player formerly known as Mousecop, and the rest. You can even work in the "Quarterback Concussion" sketch for good measure.

1 The Valets


Another recurring sketch, this one is classic for its simplicity. The sketch is basically just two guys at work killing some and talking about movies, actors, and actresses, and getting increasingly more excited as the conversation goes on. Key and Peele take the joke way past where most people would stop and turn the sketch into something completely ridiculous and memorable.

If they were to get a movie, these two excitable guys have to stop something dangerous from going down at the hotel, think something like a comedic version of Die Hard. Who's the villain? Who else but LIAM NEESUMS!!!!!


What do you think? Were there any sketches that we may have missed?

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