The 10 Best Keanu Reeves Movies, Ranked

John Wick 3 Keanu Reeves Cropped

Keanu Reeves has become meme-fodder in the modern age, but that doesn't change the fact that he has acted in various different projects throughout the past that have brought a huge amount of enjoyment to audiences across the world. We wanted to look at the ten best movies that Reeves has been in before ranking them, letting everyone know where they should start if they're interested in actually getting to know the actor for his acting rather than for his online persona and following!

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10 The Devil's Advocate

Keanu Reeves as Kevin Lomax in The Devil's

While this supernatural thriller wasn't to everyone's taste, there was enough here to keep a lot of people entertained, and many continue to go back to it as one of the best movies that Reeves has ever been in!

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It follows the story of a young lawyer, someone that becomes hugely successful before being invited to move to New York City and work for one of the largest firms going. It's not long before he realizes that his boss may not be all that he seems. Filled with references to Paradise LostDante's Inferno, and the legend of Faust, there's enough here for some people to find it very enjoyable.

9 Something's Gotta Give

While we understand that Reeves isn't right at the forefront of this particular movie, he does play an important supporting role, adding a lot to the movie that wouldn't be there without him. While it doesn't have the same sort of thriller potential seen in his other movies like The Matrix and Speed, there is enough here to keep an audience coming back, especially those that are looking to see Keanu Reeves on screen but also want a nice relaxing time, something to stick on after a hard day's work perhaps!

8 River's Edge

This movie is incredibly dark when placed next to the rest of the movies that Reeves has appeared in, and for us, he works a lot better when he's either trying to make us excited or laugh, not make us sad. There's no denying that there are some great moments in this movie, that it is well worth a watch and that it deserves a place in the top ten greatest Keanu Reeve's movies, but it doesn't show off the best of his acting talent. For those who can't get enough of the actor, this is one that they may not have heard of from back in the day.

7 My Own Private Idaho

Anyone that is interested in cinema will know that this movie went through a lot of rewrites, as well as struggling to get the funding needed to make it, and we think that this is sadly reflected in the final product.

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Just like in River's Edge, it's great to see Reeves taking part in a project that is unlike pretty much anything else that he is known for doing, but it ends up falling flat in too many places to be considered the best of the best. There are enough moments to keep an audience interesting throughout the whole thing, and that's about it.

6 John Wick: Chapter 2

Keanu Reeves John Wick 2

Reeves is at his best in movies like this, throwing himself at action scenes and taking on everything that is asked of him. However, unlike some of the best action thrillers that he has appeared in earlier on in his career, these movies start to come away at the seams to a certain extent. The John Wick series is a little too heavy on the action for a set of movies that is clearly trying to have a thrilling story as well, and it can come off as confused at times. This would've ended up higher on the list if it has just gone all out action!

5 Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted

There are many people who got their first taste of Reeves in this movie, to the point where they found it difficult to see him as anything more than a goofy teenager, which is why we've had to put it right in the middle of our list.

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Nobody is denying that there are a few good laughs in this movie, and it's great to think that they might even be bringing it back for yet another sequel, but there's no chance that it can push the four movies we've put in this list out of their top spots. Reeves will always be better at actions movies and thrillers than he will comedy.

4 The Matrix

For some, this is the greatest movie that Keanu Reeves has ever starred in, but it's going in at four on this list. The tension that is present in the top three Keanu Reeves movies of all time just doesn't find its way into this action movie that is primarily focused on telling an interesting story rather than keeping us on the edge of our seats. As well as Reeves' acting putting this movie in a top spot, The Matrix pioneered some truly amazing filming techniques that people have gone on to make their own movies even better.

3 A Scanner Darkly

Easily the most visually interesting movie that Keanu Reeves has ever been a part of, A Scanner Darkly is perfect at making the audience feel just as disoriented and confused as the character that Reeves is playing. His acting in this movie is great at not giving a lot away, and while it's not at number one in this list, it still comes highly recommended by anyone that has ever seen it. Some people were let down by the finale of the movie, which means it sits comfortably at number three in this ranked list, but it's still worth a look.

2 Point Break

Point Break

Watching Reeves play an undercover cop in this movie (that is now considered a modern classic) is something that will make any member of the audience tense. The main reason that anyone will enjoy this movie is the brilliant chemistry between the two main actors, Reeves and Swayze, as well as the writing serving to properly flesh out the relationship between the two characters. While it just missed out on the number one spot in our list, this definitely deserves to be high up on the list of Reeves' greatest movies.

1 Speed

While the concept of a bus getting up to a certain speed before never being able to go below that speed due to a bomb doesn't sound too thrilling, the writing and acting in this movie means that the audience is constantly on the edge of their seats. It's not ridiculous to say that this is the best movie that Keanu Reeves has ever starred in, which is exactly why it sits right at the top of the list, as the greatest movie that somebody can sit down to watch Reeves act in. It's been a life of highs and lows, and this is one of his highs.

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