15The Iron Fist Comics Can Get A Little Bit Out There

Iron Fist

Unlike the three other Netflix heroes (four, if you include the upcoming Punisher series), Danny Rand has his roots firmly in the world of the mystical. From his training in the extra-dimensional world of K’un Lun (which is built around a crashed alien spaceship, just for good measure), to

his powers that come from winning a battle with an immortal dragon, to his final battles as an Immortal Weapon for one of the Seven Cities of Heaven, many of the Iron Fist stories are about as far from realism as you can get.

Presumably, the Netflix series will be focusing on his more Earth-bound adventuring and some of the more grounded villains (rather than those closely linked to K’un Lun and Danny’s rise to Iron Fist). This fits the general feeling of the existing Daredevil and Jessica Jones series, and is just a little simpler to explain on screen with a television budget.

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