9 Into The Spider-Verse Cosplays That Will Have Your Spidey Senses Tingling

After decades of Spider-Man movies, TV shows, and remakes, Marvel finally hit the nail on the head with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The computer-animated story follows the newly recruited, Miles Morales, as he learns the ways of the Spider-verse. Under the mentorship of an aged Peter Parker, aka the original Spider-Man, Miles finds his way into alternative universes with a mix-matched group of heroes.

As always, cosplayers had been the first on the scene to show their appreciation for the nearly perfect film, and a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is no easy feat. There are new Into the Spider-Verse cosplays churning out every single day, but this collection of talented enthusiasts are worth checking out. Here are 10 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse that will have your spidey senses tingling.

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9 Peni Parker

Peni Parker is a young and spirited character in the Spider-Verse films that audiences have yet to see emerge in any Marvel screen adaptation. Her animated persona is noticeably different than the rest of the cast, but she stands out amicably, especially next to her robotic partner in crime,  SP//dr.

Kenma's Peni cosplay is one of the most authentic on the market. She's instantly recognizable as the anime character from the 2018 film. Kenma also cosplays as  Todoroki and Dabi from My Hero Academia.

8 Liv

Olivia “Liv” Octavius has a unique and eccentric look in this film. From her electrifying hairstyle and white-rimmed glasses to her colorful ensemble, anyone cosplaying this version of Liv will be recognizable from miles away.

Argaman, or @coolestargo on Instagram, did an expert job on her Liv cosplay. She notes in her post that this character is extremely fun to impersonate, even if the wig is a lot to handle. Her other cosplays include Coraline, Esmerelda, and even Spider-Gwen.

7 Mary Jane

Mary Jane Watson, sometimes known as simply MJ, makes a surprising split appearance in Into the Spider-Verse when we learn that she and Peter have divorced in one of the dimensions. She still makes a prominent character in the film, and fans are hopeful that she or her spidey-alter ego will make an appearance in the future sequels.

The Sisters Mischief is a group of five sisters from Ohio who turn out mind-blowing cosplays on a regular basis. Siffy is a perfect example of the girls' talent in her MJ cosplay that is identical to the character from the Spider-Verse film. She notes that she's not a face match for the character, but with her makeup transformation skills, we beg to differ!

6 Spider-Ham

Spider-Ham is the comic relief that audiences didn't know they needed. The unprecedented mashup proved to be an excellent addition to the band of superheroes, despite the fact that he's, well... a pig.

Rakuya, a cosplayer from Japan, pulls off Peter Poker's persona perfectly. The suit in itself is impressive enough, with the bodily shape formulated to match the character. Of course, the best part of this cosplay is the Spider-Ham helmet which is an exact replica. The details are spot on, and it wouldn't be a Spider-Ham cosplay without some food by his snout. Rakuya also has an incredible Rocket Racoon cosplay that you should check out @rakuya16.

5 Spider Noir

Spider-Noir is a welcoming addition to the Spider-Verse franchise. Voiced by none other than Nicolas Cage, this mysterious character has a guise of primarily black fixtures, but his Spider-Man suit is what ties him into the main cast.

Lee is a funky SoCal-based cosplayer and self-titled "friendly neighborhood dumbass." Viewers would never know this is a genderbend from the outside, which just goes to show that Lee's cosplays skills are far from mediocre. Her Deku, Venom, and Mordred are a few of the cosplay characters that really speak to this cosplayer's skill level.

4 Doc Oc

Liv Octavius quickly and unexpectedly turns into the nefarious Doc Ock in Into the Spider-Verse. As the central antagonist, fans hop right on board with her alternative storyline. As if her outward appearance isn't enough, her villainous outfit is one that cosplayers might have some trouble with.

Of course, that isn't the case for expert cosplayers like Brenna Mazzoni. Under the pseudonym @artbymazz, this cosplayer is well-known for her intricate special effects makeup work. However, her cosplay craft and prop skills are just as superior.  Brenna recently brought out her tentacles and even gives detailed instructions on how she put the whole thing together. She even does a spot-on Liv cosplay to go along with it. If you want to see more of her work, take a look at her White Walker and Beetlejuice cosplays!

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3 Gwen

Fans have been waiting for Spider-Gwen to appear in the film adaptation for quite some time now. When the promo for Into the Spider-Verse, came out to showcase Gwen Stacey in all her spider-glory, cosplayers became quick to replicate her look. The Gwen from this film is far different from the girl-next-door character we see in the original Spider-Man trilogy as she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

@Shirogane_Sama broke the internet a while back with her Spider-Gwen cosplay. She is a startlingly doppelganger for the animated character, with her cosplay sporting details like a razor-sharp haircut and an eyebrow piercing. Shirogane_Sama has a portfolio of cosplays that continue to impress her audience, with some favorites being her Asuka, K/DA, and Tracer cosplays.

2 Spider-Man

Peter Parker shows up in this new installment as a 38-year old jaded and retired superhero. His facade is far from the young, endearing Spider-Man from his high school days, although his sarcastic one-liners are still intact. This Spider-Man is still just as delightful as any other, so fans are not at all disappointed by this new characterization.

In fact, this version of Peter is so relatable that cosplayers quickly took to recreating his most memorable scenes from the film.  This cosplayer did an amusing recreation of Peter B. Parker's troubling affection for burgers and fries. He became an Instagram hit once viewers spotted his likeness to the animated character. Known as @Kofitnessnycosplay, this cosplayer from New York is actually known for his fitness regime. Some of his other popular works include his Mr. Fantastic and Majin Vegeta cosplays.

1 Miles Morales

Miles Morales became a record-breaking protagonist in Into the Spider-Verse. Miles has trouble leaving up to his cop father's expectations, but that all changes when he finds his strength after being bit by a radioactive spider. He subsequently becomes the "new" Spider-Man, and one that audiences have been waiting for for a long time.

Elisha is another New-York based cosplayer whose Miles' Spider-Man photographs look like the real deal. His suit is definitely convincing, and his casual Miles Morales cosplay looks like he could be cast for a live-action version. Elisha is also a model and an actor whose poise really highlights his cosplay portfolio. If you think this one is good, check out Elisha's Black Panther and PS4 Spider-Man cosplays.

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