The 10 Best (& Most Terrifying) Horror Podcasts Of All Time

There are podcasts for all types of people, including those who love spooky stories. The list of horror podcasts that exist is a pretty long one, so it can be hard to pick just one to listen to at a time.

Listeners who are fans of podcasts that have really simple stories that are easy to follow will probably enjoy something like Knifepoint Horror. This podcast has a very blunt style, which means that it cuts (yes, that pun is intended) right to the chase. There are lots of other great ones to listen to, as well. Here are some of the scariest horror podcasts everyone needs to check out right now.

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10 The Moonlit Road

Listeners who are big fans of scary stories that take place in the southern parts of America will likely enjoy The Moonlit Road. That’s because each of these episodes take place in that region, and they have some awesome spooky southern charm to them.

This podcast has a story for every type of horror fan. While some of the episodes center around creepy ghosts, others are more about strange monsters. There are even some stories that are about haunted toys, such as the episode that is titled “Robert The Doll,” which is about a toy that is currently in Florida.

9 The Apex & The Abyss

Sometimes the scariest podcasts are the ones that are based on reality, and that is why The Apex & The Abyss is probably one of the scariest podcasts one can find these days. This podcast is definitely for listeners who are not too scared to sit down and listen to all the creepiest details of events that happened in real life.

Each episode seems to focus on some very disturbing crimes that have happened in the past, and some of the episodes also focus on famous murderers. One of the most entertaining episodes of this podcast focused on Jeffrey Dahmer.

8 The Dark Verse

The Dark Verse is aimed at podcast listeners as well as those who prefer reading. That is because those who wish to follow this podcast can listen to each of its’ episodes, and they can also find the stories in books as well. Fans can also enjoy the stories from The Dark Verse in e-books as well.

If a listener is a fan of stories that center around the occult, this is definitely the right podcast for them since many of the tales focus on that subject. This is also a good one for young horror fans, as well, since the creators put a limit on the mature language that is used in every episode.

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7 The Magnus Archives

It’s hard not to love The Magnus Archives, which is a podcast that is a bit different than the others on this list. Those who are interested in checking it out will love the fact that there is almost always a new episode to enjoy every week,

The acting in it is definitely great, and it’s a fun little thing to listen to for those who enjoy learning about the things that freak other people out. This is also a great podcast for anyone who likes to listen when someone calls in to a radio show since the format is basically the same. In each episode, those who call in are prompted to reveal whatever it is that they fear the most.

6 The NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast is definitely something listeners should check out if they love the NoSleep subreddit. Like the stories on the website, each of these tales are told as if they are real, and they are done so well that they are very immersive for the listener, which makes them that much more convincing.

Another thing that makes this podcast so great is that most of the episodes are not very long. Yet, their lack of length doesn’t make them any less spooky than any other podcast. The tales on The NoSleep Podcast are always a treat to listen to, and they cover a variety of different horror themes.

5 The Other Stories

If a listener prefers to check out some spooky tales while they are on their way to work, The Other Stories is the podcast for them. The only issue that this podcast has is the fact that some of the advertisements last a bit longer than they should, but it is still a great thing to listen to nonetheless.

The style of The Other Stories is not much different than that of The Twilight Zone, and most of the stories center around things like vampires and zombies. If one prefers a short but awesome podcast, this is one that they should try out.

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4 Horror Movie Podcast

Lots of people love horror movies, and that is exactly what this podcast is about, so movie buffs will definitely love it. One interesting fact about Horror Movie Podcast is that the episodes tend to be very long.

Sometimes this can be a great thing, but the only drawback here is that it kind of makes it hard for listeners to check out a whole episode when they are just looking for something fun and short to listen to. But, otherwise, this is a great horror podcast, and the hosts’ love of scary movies makes it a lot of fun to listen to.

3 Welcome To Night Vale

There are a lot of things that make the podcast Welcome To Night Vale an awesome one for those who like spooky stories. However, there is also one drawback to it as well; instead of featuring a new episode every week, fans only get to check out new episodes twice a month.

This podcast follows a small, weird town called Night Vale, and every episode is an update about the strange things that happen there. This podcast focuses heavily on supernatural things, and some of the episodes are something the whole family can enjoy (if they all like horror stories).

2 Last Podcast On The Left

The hosts of Last Podcast On The Left talk about a variety of different scary things, which is one of the things that sets this podcast apart from others that are similar to it. This podcast is hosted by Marcus Parks, Ben Kissel, and Henry Zebrowski, who are three friends that actually add a lot of humor to the podcast, no matter how creepy their discussions are.

Listeners are treated to something new and different with each episode since the hosts always focus on a horror-related topic that they have spent some time researching. Sometimes they talk about serial killers, and other times their topic is more along the lines of abductions.

1 Anything Ghost Show

Anything Ghost Show is a fairly simple podcast, but that definitely does not take away from how scary many of the episodes are. Listeners send in their true paranormal horror stories, and host Lex Wahl reads them out loud.

But sometimes the setup is a bit different since there are some listeners that prefer to record their own stories. In that case, Wahl plays their story instead of reading it. He also adds some original music to every episode as well, and it really helps make the whole experience of listening to this podcast even scarier. This is one show listeners won’t want to check out when they are alone in the dark.

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