10 Best Horror Movies On Netflix, According To IMDb

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is going to be getting in the mood to watch some good horror movies. There are so many amazing films in the genre, both old and new, that can give audiences a good scare. But you need to know where to find them.

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With all the streaming content out there, you're bound to find a great horror film to enjoy for the season and Netflix is one of the best places to find the perfect film. If you're looking for a scary movie that is also a genuinely good movie, check out the best horror films on Netflix according to IMDb.

10 The Witch (6.8)

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Witch

The Witch is one of the most critically acclaimed horror films in recent memory. It was one of the most talked-about films of 2016 and made many best-of lists of that year. Though the IMDb rating shows audiences weren't as crazy about it as critics, it still shows it is a must-see horror film.

The Witch tells the story of a family living in the 1630s who begin to come apart with the practicing of witchcraft. The movie is not the typical gory horror film, but rather a fascinating and engrossing psychological journey into darkness.

9 Insidious (6.8)

The Insidious franchise is one of the most successful horror franchises around today. This is the film that kicked it all off and follows a family that encounters an evil spirit that seeks to claim one of their children.

Films that deal with the paranormal have always been a big part of the horror genre. As intense and interesting as the exploration of the paranormal world is in this film, the film is probably best remembered for some truly shocking scares that will make any viewer jump out of their seats.

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8 Green Room (7.0)

Though many of these horror films deal with monsters, masked killers or the supernatural, Green Room is unsettling because of how grounded it is in reality. The film is about a punk rock group that reluctantly plays a show at a neo-Nazi compound. However, things soon turn south and they find themselves fighting for their lives.

The film effectively uses the claustrophobic setting to make the audience feel as trapped and doomed as the characters. The violence is realistic and gruesome which makes it that much harder to watch. But it is Patrick Stewart's cold, villainous turn that steals the show.

7 Scream (7.2)

Scream Ghostface

Slasher films have always been a staple of the horror genre but they were getting a little stale in the 90s. Then came Scream to revitalize the whole subgenre in a truly exciting way. As a masked killer begins targeting a group of high school students, the young teens begin to suspect everyone around them.

What is especially great about Scream is that it is a horror film filled with characters who watch horror films. The movie comments on its own genre tropes through the characters' "rules" for slasher-movie survival. It is a clever and funny film that also has some great scares.

6 Gremlins (7.3)

Though it is the Halloween season that approaches, Gremlins is usually a movie you sit down with during the Christmas season. Regardless of what you watch it, this is a funny, entertaining adventure that packs in just the right amount of horror.

The film centers around these cuddly creatures called Gremlins that look awfully cute but who are capable of becoming vicious, mischievous and deadly creatures if you don't take care of them properly. While not the scariest movie on the list, it is nonetheless a real blast.

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5 Carrie (7.4)

No list of horror films seems complete with the inclusion of a little Stephen King. Carrie is one of the most celebrated films based on King's work and stars Sissy Spacek as a young girl who is an outcast in her school. As she begins developing unusual abilities, she finds a way to get back at those who have wronged her.

The movie is a disturbing and compelling character study of this poor young girl who is abused by everyone she meets. However, the film brilliantly makes you sympathize with Carrie right up until the moment you become terrified of her.

4 The Conjuring (7.5)

Like Insidious, The Conjuring is another paranormal horror film from James Wan that spawned its own successful franchise. The movie tells the story of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren who are called upon by a family being terrorized by evil spirits.

Though it might sound like the kind of movie you've seen many times before, Wan's direction and the haunting imagery make it very memorable. The film finds new ways to wring terror out of familiar scenes.

3 Tucker And Dale Vs Evil (7.5)

Sometimes you enjoy a good laugh along with a good scare. Horror and comedy seem to go so well together as long as each element is done well, like in Tucker and Dale Vs Evil. The film follows a group of teens who try to save their friend from being killed by a pair of murderous hillbillies. However, the murderous hillbillies are actually just a couple of nice guys minding their own business.

There is plenty of gore and plenty of laughs in this twisted movie. Just as you think the premise is going to run dry, it throws another fun surprise at you.

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2 Stree (7.7)

The great thing about Netflix is that you can sometimes find great films from other countries you might never have heard of. Stree is an Indian horror-comedy about an evil spirit who for years has been abducting the men of a small village.

The film is a fun and thrilling adventure that doesn't take itself too seriously. However, many have also pointed out that the film carries an important message along with the laughs and scares.

1 Train To Busan (7.7)

Train To Busan Gong Yo

There are plenty of zombie movies in the world and they can be a little hit-or-miss. However, Train to Busan, a Korean zombie thriller is one of the best films in the genre in quite some time. The movie follows a father who is taking his child on a train trip when a zombie virus breaks out onboard the train.

The movie is tense, action-packed and relentless. It makes for an exhilarating and wild ride for fans of the horror genre or anyone who just wants some heart-pumping fun.

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