10 Holiday Movies To Make Yours Seem Better

Reindeer Games

You remember the last time you were forced into a heist by a woman you thought you'd made a love connection with while incarcerated? Yeah, we don't either. But that's the story that unfolds in Reindeer Games, and while it may seem like a shaky plot, it is enough to get both Ben Affleck and Gary Sinise into Santa suits.

Skinny-dipping with Charlize Theron is probably the best thing that a Santa Claus suit has ever been associated with, but armed robbery, being plunged into a frozen lake, and Gary Sinise's shoulder-length hair are definitely punishment of the 'cruel and unusual' variety.

Donning old St. Nick's signature red outfit to attend a family party or simply help spread Christmas cheer may not seem as exciting as knocking over a casino or swapping bullets with an Academy Award-nominated actor. But in the long run, cookies and milk are probably the way to go.

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