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Home Alone Holiday Movies

Look, we'd all love to rig up our houses with swinging paint cans, micro machines, and have a zip-line out to a backyard treehouse. Those features alone make Kevin McCallister's solitary Christmas seem worthwhile. But is it really?

Lest we forget, Home Alone's main premise is a child being left behind by his entire family. At Christmas. Gliding past the obvious psychological trauma that would inflict, it's also worth remembering that the two villains of the movie were attempting to break into Kevin's house and do Lord knows what to him.

By the end of the film (you know, when the best traps and attacks are rolled out) the pair of robbers are moments away from throttling the life out of the resident minor. We'll put it this way: as fun as Home Alone seems for MacCaulay Culkin, if you don't have a pair of criminals trying to jimmy your front door open right now, count yourself better off.

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