10 Holiday Movies To Make Yours Seem Better

200 Cigarettes

At face value, a movie about a large and varied group of friends - played by well-known actors and actresses - making their way to a New Year's Eve party could end up making our own soirees pale in comparison. Luckily, the vitriolic bile 200 Cigarettes filled us with wasn't envy.

With a cast backed by Courtney Love, Jay Mohr, Janeane Garofalo and Christina Ricci, as well as a plot centered on their New Year's Eve antics, makes us long for more time with our own friends. Not only are they easier to tolerate, they still have a few years left before they wear out their welcome.

The movie was almost universally despised, and it's easy to understand why (no, not because it has the 1990s version of both Casey and Ben Affleck). Loud, grating personalities are hard enough to take in any context, but when we're forced to watch the intricacies of their love lives and shallow crises, we remember why massive ensemble casts trying to replicate the mundanities of actual life usually fail to ring true. And why we never need to revisit the '80s ever again.

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