10 Holiday Movies To Make Yours Seem Better

Poseidon Movie

Based on The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and the original novel, the plot is the same as ever: a cruise ship is struck by a rogue wave as the passengers count down to the New Year, and capsizes. The revelers may have intended a night of festivities, but are forced instead to climb their way down (, that's right) to escape the ship.

The visual effects are (mostly) up to par, and frankly, seeing a room turned upside-down never gets old. So an entire ocean liner turned upside-down must be even cooler!

But as thrilling as the exploits may be to witness, the fact remains: while the characters in the movie are fighting for their lives, people elsewhere are embarrassing themselves at local pubs, nightclubs, and office parties.

For anyone even mildly afraid of enclosed spaces, drowning, electrocution or Fergie, Poseidon will make any New Year's Eve party taking place above ground seem like a dream come true.

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