16THX Parody - The Simpsons Movie

Homer Simpson in a THX parody from The Simpsons Movie

Whilst the actual end product ended up splitting opinion down the middle, no-one can deny that The Simpsons Movie was a long time coming for such a cultural phenomenon. The series DVD releases have some truly great special features and bonuses, and The Simpsons Movie carried

on that tradition.

You may remember Tex, a mascot that used to advertise THX's sound system. He was a Pixar designed workman-like robot who used to tinker with the logo before it unleashed that famous sternum-rumbling tone. Highlighting the "English 5.1. Dolby Digital" option and hitting left on The Simpsons Movie DVD and Blu-ray will start The Simpsons' take on the whole thing, with Tex waking a sleeping Homer in a hammock suspended in the logo. Tex continues to work and soon feels the full wrath of Homer J. Simpson, with Homer beating him to the ground, ripping off the robot's arm and chasing him with it. It's a funny extra and certainly worth seeking out.

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