What Hallmark Christmas Movie Should You Watch, Based On Your MBTI®

Sappy and ridiculous though they may be, but Hallmark movies are there for us once the winter months roll around. What does Myers-Briggs say to watch?

It's that time of year again, folks. Turkeys are being pardoned, Douglas Firs are going up in people's living rooms, and, most importantly, the Hallmark Channel is overflowing with seasonal cheer. Sappy and ridiculous though they may sometimes be, lovers of all things Yuletide make a point of watching at least a few of these flicks once the Winter months roll around.

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From an intrepid Christmas detractor suddenly rekindling his or her love for the season to a dedicated Holiday fanatic working to restore a town's festive spirit, Hallmark Holiday movies never fail to get us in the mood for what most consider to be the most important celebration of the year. Here are our suggestions for your Holiday binge-fest based on your MBTI® results!

10 Christmas Under Wraps - ESTP

Released in 2014, Christmas Under Wraps is actually one of the most-watched movie debuts in Hallmark Channel history. Focusing on a woman named Paige who was forced to take a job in Alaska after failing to achieve her career goals in Boston, she eventually falls in love with someone and must decide between him and her work.

ESTPs should relate to Paige's pragmatic, serious approach to her work, though they'll also feel for her desire to live in the moment and enjoy her social life. It may not be the most original Hallmark movie—none of them are particularly original—but it'll definitely get viewers in the holiday spirit.

9 Let It Snow - ESTJ

Stephanie is a no-nonsense businesswoman who couldn't care less about the holiday season. Initially interested in shutting down a winter lodge at the behest of her father, she later meets a man named Brady, and, after kicking off a Yuletide fling with him, finally rekindles her love for the season.

We believe ESTJs will appreciate Stephanie's tough, realist views and may perhaps sympathize with her Christmas qualms. Still, it's a beautiful tale about a woman opening up to others and abandoning her self-centered outlook, which is the sort of story just about everyone can get behind.

8 A Heavenly Christmas - ESFJ

A Heavenly Christmas tells the story of a woman who never managed to stop and smell the roses. Yet, after her untimely death, she's given a second chance to do so as a guardian angel in training. Eventually, she gains an understanding of what she's been missing and redeems herself by helping a man to keep his family together for the holidays.

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ESFJs ought to appreciate this warmhearted approach to such a sad subject, and it's wonderful to see someone work so hard to maintain peace and harmony. ESFJs tend to want what's best for others, and this movie does its best to convey that notion.

7 Northpole - ENFJ

North Pole is perhaps the most cliched Christmas movie of all time, and we can't help but love it. Following an elf named Clemintine on a quest to spread Christmas cheer and subsequently save the holiday, it's as hoaky as it is hilarious, and it's the quintessential flick for a cold December night.

ENFJs should be all over this one; highly attuned to the emotional needs of others, it's the sort of feel-good movie that'll be a thrill for those who love to help others. North Pole is so incredibly warmhearted and pleasant that it makes for the perfect escape from the relative chaos of the season.

6 The Christmas Train - INTJ

From the outset, The Christmas Train seems to be a fairly somber film. Journalist Tom Langon embarks on a cross-country journey to commemorate his late father and perhaps overcome his latent inwardness.

What follows is a tale of a man overcoming his grief and rekindling his love for both the world and the holiday season. INTJs should sympathize with Tom's commitment to his plans, as well as his independence. That said, everyone needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes, and it's nice to see that, over the course of his trip, he comes to warm up to others.

5 The Christmas Card - INFP

Yes, The Christmas Card is a little over-the-top when it comes to its themes, but, at the end of the day, it remains a heartwarming watch.

Focusing on a military man visiting California after receiving an anonymous Christmas card while on duty, The Christmas Card focuses on a Yuletide love triangle as the card's sender and the main character get together, though their love is jeopardized by the card-senders boyfriend, who proposes to her in the hopes that it'll force the two apart.

It's a weird, semi-clunky movie, but we think INFPs will enjoy it for the lead's conviction, loyalty, and willingness to accept possibilities in the seemingly impossible.

4 The Sweetest Christmas - ENTP

The Sweetest Christmas focuses on a woman named Kylie who quits her job to pursue her dream of owning a bakery. However, rather than take out a loan, she plans on starting her business via the prize money from a holiday gingerbread house baking contest.

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A downright silly premise, to be sure, but it's an endearing tale, and we think ENTPs will love Kylie's resolve and willingness to overcome each and every obstacle for the sake of her dream job. While it's nothing any sane person would ever do in the real world, it's a great tale of perseverance that we can't get enough of.

3 Meet The Santas - ISFJ

Remember the quirky 2004 comedy hit Meet The Fockers? Well, for those who couldn't tell by the name, Meet The Santas is essentially a more festive version of that. It's a cute little flick that sees a groom-to-be bend over backward to impress his critical in-laws during a Holiday get-together.

Once again, it isn't the most original plot, but we believe ISFJs will find a lot to like. Loyal, dedicated, and eager to meet obligations and cater to the whims of loved ones, it's the sort of movie that inspires us all to share the love, or, at the very least, do a better job of tolerating our relatives.

2 A Christmas Detour - ENFP

In an unfortunate twist of fate, a bride-to-be is kept from her New York-based wedding by a sudden snowstorm. Seemingly marooned at the airport, she convinces an attractive bartender to brave the wintery journey and deliver her to her wedding on time.

The dynamic is slightly weird and admittedly silly, but it's a quirky romantic comedy that should brighten the day of anyone watching. Plus, ENFPs should get a kick out of the film's unrelenting enthusiasm and the main character's ability to see the positives in all possibilities. Though not the most inventive, it's certainly an enjoyable little Christmas flick.

1 The Christmas Ornament - INFJ

We'll admit it's still a little flighty, but The Christmas Ornament is perhaps one of Hallmark's most emotional holiday films. Telling the story of a widow mourning her husband during what looks to be a lonely winter season, things suddenly change when she meets a handsome Christmas tree salesman.

It's a fairly serious film when compared to others, and INFJs will immediately become attached to the titular ornament, a token given to the woman which is meant to represent hope. A movie about enduring hardships and moving on, it's one of the few Christmas tales that may genuinely bring a tear to the eyes of some viewers.

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