12 Best Guest Stars on South Park

Mr. Kitty - Best South Park Guest Stars

Traditionally, South Park has been infamous for parodying celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, and Kanye West…the list goes on and on. This, of course, gives them the freedom to mock without recourse. As the opening screen-cap insists, “all celebrity voices are impersonated… poorly” and it’s something the show has relished for years.

This list is dedicated to those celebrities who genuinely did lend their voices to the show – and if it had included parodies, it would have looked quite different. For the record, to the best of our knowledge, none of the following are gay fish.

Here is Screen Rant's list of the 12 Best South Park Guest Stars.

13 Bill Hader as Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin - Best South Park Guest Stars

You might know Bill Hader from his roles in The Mindy Project, Superbad, and more recently in Trainwreck – but what you may not know is that he is also a voice artist in his own right, starring in the likes of Inside Out, Bob’s Burgers and Monsters University. He first lent his voice to South Park as ‘Farmer Number 2’ in Season 15’s "You’re Getting Old" an episode which he also produced. However, he most recently lent his voice to the show’s latest Alec Baldwin parody in Season 17.

Hader’s Baldwin gave an educational performance in a public information video, claiming that his thumbs are homophobic, causing him to “accidentally” tweet things which are offensive – through no fault of his own, of course. Stating “I don’t think that way, I just type that way,” before subsequently cuts off his own thumbs.

12 Patrick Duffy and Brent Musburger as Scuzzlebutt’s Leg

Scuzzlebutt - Best South Park Guest Stars

During the Season 1 episode "Volcano," Cartman tells the story of Scuzzlebutt, a vicious monster with a piece of celery for an arm and Dallas star Patrick Duffy for a leg – voiced by Duffy himself. However, when the titular volcano erupts, trapping Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman, Scuzzlebutt appears for real, along with Duffy for a leg, and weaves a wicker basket that he uses to rescue the children.

In 1998, ESPN and ABC Sportscaster Brent Musburger joined the Season 2 cast for an episode entitled "City on the Edge of Forever." The episode briefly parodies a Star Trek episode of the same name, in which the main characters are able to change time and create new lives for themselves. The children of South Park, facing certain death as their school bus teeters from the edge of a cliff, begin to indulge in flashbacks to previous episodes, in which small features have changed – one of these being that Scuzzlebutt’s leg is no longer Patrick Duffy, but is now remembered as Brent Musberger, who voiced himself.

11 Cheech and Chong as Cherokee Herbalists

Cheech and Chong - Best South Park Guest Stars

In the Season 4 episode "Cherokee Hair Tampons," a New Age healer named Miss Information diagnoses Kyle’s kidney failure as being due to mysterious "toxins" and prescribes a variety of holistic herbal remedies to save him.

Kyle’s mom Sheila convinces herself, and anyone willing to listen, that the remedies are working despite no physical evidence. As a result, the entire town becomes obsessed with the remedies and alternative medicines, including "cherokee hair tampons," which they buy from a pair of supposed Native Americans, voiced by none other than the famous stoner comedy duo Tommy Chong and Richard “Cheech” Marin. The two play along with the scam until Sheila brings Kyle to see them and they realize that Kyle is in need of a doctor.

Cheech and Chong were no longer performing together when this episode aired in 2000, and though their voices were recorded separately, it actually served as the beginning of their reunion. In 2003 they stated in an episode of Biography that they would be willing to reunite as a duo.

10 Elton John as Himself

Elton John - Best South Park Guest Stars

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of "Chef Aid" – the Season 2 episode in which Chef (Isaac Hayes) is sued by Alanis Morissette’s record company after he claims that she plagiarized his song "Stinky Britches." Chef and the children put together a fundraising concert starring all of Chef’s show-biz friends in order to raise the $2 million he needs to cover legal costs.

However,"Chef Aid" wasn’t the first episode to star English singer and songwriter Elton John. He made his South Park debut in Season 1, where he turned up to serenade Kyle’s pet elephant and Cartman’s pot-bellied pig, Fluffy, in order to help them get in the mood to procreate and spawn a pot-bellied elephant.

Elton John later told VH1 that it was great to be a part of something with “such momentum,” and admitted to watching the show regularly himself.

9 George Clooney as Doctor Gouache/Sparky

George Clooney - Best South Park Guest Stars

George Clooney has been a fan of South Park Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone since the very beginning of their careers. In fact, he helped one of their first ever joint creations, animated short The Spirit of Christmas become one of the first ever viral videos back in 1995.

When South Park first debuted, Clooney was cast in the Season 1 episode "Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride," in which he played Stan’s gay dog Sparky – a role which feature nothing more than dog noises.

He later starred as Dr Gouache - a parody of his ER character, Dr Douglas Ross - in the South Park feature film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. During his scene, he tried – and failed – to save Kenny, performing open heart surgery and, ultimately, replacing Kenny’s heart with a baked potato.

8 Henry Winkler as the Kid-Eating Big Black Scary Monster

Big Black Scary Monster - Best South Park Guest Stars

Another guest in Season 2's "City on the Edge of Forever" was Henry Winkler – known for his legendary role as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in Happy Days. He voiced the animated parody of his Happy Days character, as well as providing the sounds for the Big Black Scary Monster.

The Big Black Scary Monster was used by bus driver Mrs Crabtree in an effort to scare the children into behaving. However, it later appears and kills two children (including Kenny, of course). However, as is the nature of the episode, the children later have flashbacks to the monster behaving kindly, and instead handing out ice cream to all of the children. (It later turned out to be a dream, calling into question the monster’s existence in general.)

Winkler showed up again in Season 4 – yet again as The Fonz – where he jumped a shark on his motorcycle, before being eaten by said shark.

7 Jay Leno as Mr. Kitty

Mr. Kitty - Best South Park Guest Stars

The host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has appeared in several episodes of South Park as himself, hosting the show. He showed up in a flashback during"City on the Edge of Forever," and had Mrs. Crabtree on his show as a guest comedian.

He later showed up during the episode “Fishsticks,” being voiced by Trey Parker. In an effort to mock its abnormal size, the cartoon of Jay Leno has had a varying chin in every episode in which he has been seen.

However, in addition to voicing himself in various South Park cameos, Leno also provides the meowing sounds for Cartman’s beloved cat, Mr. Kitty, keeping with their tradition of having big stars voice speechless creatures.

6 Jennifer Aniston as Miss Stevens

Jennifer Aniston - Best South Park Guest Stars

In the opening episode of Season 3, "Rainforest, Shmainforest," the kids of South Park Elementary School are recruited to a children’s choir called "Getting Gay with Kids" by Mr. Mackey in an effort to help with their poor behavior. The choir is led by activist Miss Stevens, who is voiced by Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

Showing her sense of humor, Aniston is hilarious in one of the only guest star spots in which the celebrity guest plays a leading role. The episode sees Miss Stevens leading the choir on a trip to the South American rainforests, and ultimately getting lost and attacked by a barrage of enormous insects and creatures.

5 Ozzy Osbourne as Himself

Ozzy Osbourne Best South Park Guest Stars

“Oh my God, Ozzy Osbourne bit Kenny’s head off!”

Singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne shows up as himself alongside Elton John in the episode "Chef Aid," and performs at the benefit concert in order to help raise money for Chef’s legal woes.

In his brief cameo, he claims that he mistook Chef’s advice to “buy a pompadour hat” as a suggestion to “bite the head off a bat” and ,as he says, “the rest is history,” referring to the time that the real Osbourne infamously bit the head off a live bat during a concert. He then goes on to perform one of his hits and, as the quote above suggests, bite the head off of Kenny.

He also appeared on Chef Aid: The South Park Album singing “Nowhere to Run,” as well as popping up in the mockumentary "Chef Aid: Behind the Menu," talking about how Chef had influenced his music.

4 Radiohead as Themselves

Radiohead - Best South Park Guest Stars

English rock band Radiohead appeared in 2001 in the Season 5 episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die."

In one of the show’s more visceral episodes, 9th Grader Scott Tenorman convinces Cartman to buy a bag of his pubic hair for $10. However, upon realizing that he has been tricked, Cartman decides to seek revenge by (spoiler alert) murdering his parents, and feeding them to him in a bowl of chili-con-carne. To rub salt in the wound, Cartman invites Tenorman’s favorite band, Radiohead, to the town under the guise of meeting a dying fan. When they arrive, however, they discover that Scott is crying after eating his own parents, and proceed to mock him as a crybaby.

Matt Stone later told The Rolling Stone that he had to ask lead singer Thom Yorke to inject more emotion into his voice during the recording in Santa Barbara.

3 Robert Smith as Himself

Robert Smith - Best South Park Guest Stars

Robert Smith from The Cure lent his vocal talents to the show back in the 1997 episode "Mecha-Streisand," playing himself. The episode sees Barbara Streisand (not voiced by herself) become an enormous robot dinosaur and attempt to destroy South Park

Thankfully, Robert Smith shows up last minute and, transforming into a giant robot moth (a parody of Toho Studios’ monster Mothra), proceeds to fight and overcome the Mecha-Streisand attack, using a sonic scream and his own signature move, the “Robert Punch.”

The voiceover is one of only five that Smith has done during his career.

2 Wing as Herself

Wing - Best South Park Guest Stars

Wing Han Tsang is a New Zealand singer, originally born in Hong Kong. In the show’s ninth season, the boys come up with a plan to make money as talent agents. They start their own agency, "Super Awesome Talent Agency," and, after losing their only client (Token), attempt to recruit some more.

However, they only manage to recruit one artist: the wife of Chinese restaurant owner, Tuon Lu Kim. His wife just happens to be named Wing, and is voiced by Wing herself. She insisted upon being able to approve the cartoon likeness of herself before agreeing to appear in the episode.

It is also believed that Matt Parker and Trey Stone received a thank you letter after the episode triggered a boost in her record sales.

1 Honorable mention: snooki

Snooki - Best South Park Guest Stars

Whilst everyone in this list has been a genuine guest star, there have been an outlandish number of celebrity parodies throughout South Park’s 20 seasons.

So, as an honorable mention, included here is parody of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, – who appeared in the episode "It’s a Jersey Thing" in Season 14, voiced by Matt Stone. The episode parodied reality TV show Jersey Shore and featured Snooki saying such catchphrases as “Snooki want Smoosh Smoosh.”


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