The 10 Best Guest Stars on Californication


Despite going off the air in 2014, Californication still stands as a classic show in Showtime's archive. The show featured the adventures of notorious writer Hank Moody and his constant struggle between his love for his ex and daughter and his love for alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Over the years, the show has featured a wide array of various guest stars. Some of those guest stars pulled off hilarious performances that added to the eccentric adventures of Hank, Charlie, Marcy, Karen, and Becca. Here are the best of the bunch.

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Californication Eddie Nero

Throughout the show, Rob Lowe shows up on and off throughout the show as washed-up rock star Eddie Nero, who clearly has some drug dependency issues and "once pooped on someone."

Despite the fact that Hank isn't really nice to him, Nero can't help but pummel him with excitement every time he sees him. Given that Nero is always in training for some type of eccentric character, there are guaranteed laughs every time he makes an appearance.


Californication Lew Ashby

We meet Lew Ashby in season two when he asks Hank to write his biography. He is a rich music producer who lives life on the edge and is basically a non-stop walking party machine who knows quite a few rock stars. Lew is an important person in Hank's life, even after he dies from a drug overdose.

Hank constantly asks him for advice in his dreams later on. Lew is played by Callum Keith Rennie, who is known for his frequent portrayal of bad boys as well as his appearance on Battlestar Galactica.

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Californication Rick Springfield

In season three, Rick Springfield makes a cameo in a few episodes as himself, and it is hilarious. Rick is a client of Charlie's at his new agency, and Charlie must keep him happy while he indulges in drugs, sex, and everything else that goes along with a rock star lifestyle.

Marcy begins a romance with him and is basically living out her high school fantasy. Charlie is jealous, naturally, but eventually comes to rescue her. The highlight of Rick Springfield's cameo occurs when Charlie purposely spills his cocaine and he throws himself on the floor in a panic, showing Marcy that she really isn't missing much in leaving him.


Californication Sue Collini

Kathleen Turner appears in season three as Charlie's sexually charged boss, who continuously tries to put him into compromising positions. Turner is known for her smoky, raspy voice, and it works perfectly with this character. Sue Collini lives her life the way she wants it to, doesn't take crap from anyone, and is a champion for sexual freedom.

Hilariously raunchy and unexpectedly genuine, she's always good for some interesting experiences. It's a perfect match for Charlie, who is known to be quite unusual and quirky when it comes to sexual encounters.

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Californication Samurai Apocalypse

In season five, we meet Samurai Apocalypse, a tough rapper who wants to break out into the movie biz with a rip-off of Beverly Hills Cop (titled Santa Monica Cop). Samurai is not afraid to pull a gun out in public, terrifyingly intense, and tough as nails, with a soft spot for his girl, Kali (who Hank obviously sleeps with). RZA, the music producer and leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, is the perfect casting for Samurai and brings this character to life throughout the season.

Highlights of this guest slot include sending his gang after Becca's cheating boyfriend, pulling a gun on almost everyone, and posing as a cop to interrogate a guy he spots Kali leaving a club with.


Californication Ophelia

Known by just about anyone as Janice from Friends, thanks to her signature nasal laugh, Maggie Wheeler guest stars in season six as obsessive man-hater Ophelia. For a period of time, Ophelia manages to take Marcy under her wing, but Marcy just can't give up sex. Karen is rightfully skeptical. At first, Ophelia seems like she's just overly passionate about feminism, but it becomes obvious very soon that she is more than just a little passionate.

She's obsessed with Marcy. Everything comes to a dramatic conclusion when Ophelia ties up Marcy, and then Charlie, in her home.

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Californication Dean Koons

Best known as his iconic portrayal of the lovable Sandy Cohen on The OC, and for his undeniable eyebrow game, Peter Gallagher guest stars in season three. He plays Stacy Koons, the Dean of the university whom Hank jokingly refers to as Dean Koontz, a nod to the writer.

When Stacy and Hank first meet, they are head to head in an argument because his bicycle "gets in the way" of Hank's car. Even though he hates Hank, he hires him to teach English at the university. That's a big mistake. Stacy gets caught up in one of Hank's notorious love triangles when Hank has an affair with his wife, Felicia, who is also the mother of Becca's best friend.


Californication Marilyn Manson

Another rock star who appears as himself, Marilyn Manson provides an unexpected cameo in season six. Manson is friends with Atticus Fetch, a drug-loving rock star who works with Hank on a musical. Initially, Hank brings Becca to Atticus' home to show her what drug addiction looks like, but it backfires when Manson is sitting on the couch.

He tells them, "I’m just here for the narcotics.” Naturally, Becca is just excited to meet him. Manson's best moment comes when Atticus passes out and he gets Becca to take a picture of him with his bare butt on his head.

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Californication Pearl

Her name is pretty well known now, thanks in part to her famous dad, but mostly because of her acting chops. Zoe Kravitz has starred in a handful of big films and on HBO's Big Little Lies. Next, she's set to star as Catwoman in the upcoming DC film The Batman. But on Californication, Zoe plays rocker Pearl in season four. Pearl invites Becca to join her all-female grunge band, Queens of Dogtown.

In the band, Becca gets the chance to show off her guitar skills, which have gotten pretty impressive by this point. Karen also casually dates Pearl's dad, whom Hank jokingly refers to a few times as Lenny Kravitz (get it?).


Californication Trixie

Originally known as one of "those girls" who shows up as random side characters, Judy Greer has developed quite a name for herself in film and on television. She's appeared in tons of shows and movies and voices the character Cheryl on Archer. On Californication, she appears as Trixie, a friendly prostitute.

Trixie shows up a few different times throughout the series as a comforting friend to Hank. Most of their encounters involve him talking about his life. On one occasion, he paints her toenails, and when she heads off to service a client, he warns him to be careful because the paint is still dry.

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