12Peter Quill’s Ship is Called The Milano

Star-Lord's Starship (The Milano) in Guardians of the Galaxy
Milano Flying in Xandar Atmosphere

If you thought Peter Quill’s – A.K.A. Star Lord’s – ship was just some bad-ass flying machine that he used to loot treasures around the galaxy, you’d be right. But you would also be missing one of the coolest things about it; it’s called the Milano, and it’s named

after every kid of the 80s' first crush, Alyssa Milano, then known best from the sitcom Who's The Boss?.

While Quill’s 80s upbringing is spread all over the DNA of Guardians of the Galaxy, from the soundtrack to the bright colors and cinematography, it’s so good to see little nods like this popping up in the background of the film to give it extra life. Though many may not know that the ship is called the Milano or credit the name to 80s teen sensation Alyssa Milano, the fact that it’s there really gives those who pay attention an extra insight into Peter Quill and a stronger sense of enjoyment as they re-watch the film and discover new things to love about it each time.

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