• Grand Theft Auto: 15 Insane GTA 6 Rumors That Will Freak You Out

    The video games that Rockstar Games has produced since its start have been some of the most critically acclaimed titles to ever hit the shelves. From the Grand Theft Auto series to Max Payne to Red Dead Redemption, these titles have not only been some of the best-selling games of all time, but they've set precedents for future games that have adopted similar styles. With every new video game release, especially within their GTA franchise, we have seen them take leaps and bounds in the development of content and gameplay, specifically taking the coolest part of each game and expanding on it in the next installment.

    With GTA 5 going down as Rockstar's most successful game to date, and with the upcoming sequel to Red Dead Redemption a few short months away, fans begin to look to the future of the franchise and wonder what exactly may be in store for GTA 6. With all the brand new gameplay, online features, and customization that GTA 5 introduced, fans expect Rockstar to set the bar even higher during the development of the next entry in the series.

    A lot of what fans will see in the next game will depend on the success of the newer features added to Red Dead 2. However, with technology advancing at the pace that it is - especially with VR, 4K, and cutting edge console engines - it wouldn't be too big a surprise to see an entirely new type of video game altogether with GTA 6.

    Here are 15 Insane GTA 6 Rumors That Will Freak You Out.

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    Every original city from the GTA franchise will be explorable

    Wouldn't it be cool to be able to explore places such as Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas - all in one game?

    Fans might get to! One of the biggest rumors regarding GTA 6 is that instead of just one city to explore, players will get to traverse the entirety of the world that Rockstar has created over the years. Whether or not this would be explorable by just one main character or if there would be multiple characters set in each city is still unclear. The idea that players could revisit some of GTA's classic locations is a concept that appeals to fans who have played the franchise since the beginning.

    Imagine missions that would start in the heart of San Andreas but would take you to the ports of Vice City or the islands of Liberty City!

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    The return of older GTA cast members

    Fans of GTA would love to see the return of some of the franchises iconic characters!

    In GTA 5, players would sometimes receive random phone calls and texts from a wide range of NPCs that would have missions and small tasks for the player to start. But if you were to look at the caller ID on the player's phone and read names such as Salvator Leone (GTA 3), Sonny Forelli (GTA Vice City), and out there characters such as The Truth (GTA San Andreas) offering up missions, it would bring a great sense of nostalgia to the game that longtime fans would definitely get a kick out of.

    Players have seen this type of re-introduction before in GTA: San Andreas, when C.J. races Claude, the protagonist from GTA 3, who is then dating C.J.'s ex, Catalina. After beating Claude in the race, the new couple takes off to Liberty City where, in the timeline, the events of GTA 3 kick off.

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    An even more expansive GTA online experience

    GTA Online has added an entirely new way to play the game, something unlike anything fans have ever seen before.

    There's definitely benefits to not only the players of the game, who get to have the GTA experience online through multiplayer, but also to Rockstar, which (by 2016) had made over $500 million through microtransactions in the GTA store. Fans have seen constant online updates and DLC being released to keep the online experience fresh and exciting, making fans believe that such things will come on a much bigger scale in GTA 6.

    If they develop it the same way, only much more immense and with even more customization options (hard to imagine, but it is definitely possible), it very well could be the most profitable endeavor Rockstar Games has ever taken on.

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    It will only release on next-gen consoles
    Xbox one Playstation 4 Consoles

    Remember the PS3 and Xbox 360? While it may seem like a lost technology now, fans forget that GTA 5 was originally released on those consoles. It wasn't until later that Rockstar Games decided to re-release the game for the next-gen consoles, with new content and gameplay that wowed players (specifically the first-person shooter mode, which had never been seen in GTA before). The PS4 and Xbox One are slowly but surely on their way to being the next consoles to be phased out, in favor of the PS5 and whatever Xbox title they decide to go with next.

    With that being said, fans of GTA wonder, depending on which comes out first between the new consoles and new GTA game, whether the developers will decide to make the game strictly for future consoles, or if they'll make it compatible with the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

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    A female lead character

    Here's something the GTA franchise has never done before: feature a female protagonist as the main playable character. Rumor has it that this may be the case in the sixth installment of the franchise. If so, this would definitely make for a different dynamic to GTA. However, like its predecessor, GTA 6 may be a multi-character game that doesn't have just one protagonist, so one or two might be female. Can you imagine a Trevor-like female running around causing mayhem? That would be a sight to see for sure.

    While plenty of women all over the world play GTA 5, having a lead female character for the next game could potentially expand the player base further, drawing in even more women to make the playing field a little more balanced when it comes to the genders.

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    GTA 6 will be online only

    There's no denying it: GTA Online has changed the Grand Theft Auto franchise forever. But among the rumors surrounding the next installment in the franchise is that it may end up being an online only game, eliminating the single player storyline we've seen from every other previous Rockstar game. Coming from the success that Rockstar has had with the GTA Online add-on, this could very well be the case. Since its release, it has profited well over 500 million dollars for the company. If they expanded on its success with combining more features from the offline mode, it could stand to be the biggest money maker Rockstar Games has ever seen.

    While diehard fans might be disappointed to see offline gaming fade away, there's no doubt that Rockstar would make it up to players by making the online experience undeniably better than we have ever seen. If that's even possible.

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    It will feature Virtual Reality gameplay
    Xbox One Controller Oculus Rift VR Headset

    Virtual Reality could be the way of the future when it comes to next-gen video game platforms, and this may very well include GTA 6. Players have always dreamed of the day they can put on a headset and be fully immersed into the world of Grand Theft Auto, and that day might be soon approaching. With the PS4 and newer XBOX consoles already implementing VR into their platforms, fans are seeing the evolution of video gaming altogether.

    A rumor that's been seeing quite a bit of attention online is the inclusion of this new technology in GTA 6. While it's pretty realistic to expect some sort of VR aspect to the new game, some folks are going as far as to say that the entire game will be in virtual reality.

    This wouldn't just set a new precedent for Rockstar Games, but for all video games to come!

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    An entirely first-person mode game

    First person mode was introduced with the re-release of GTA 5 on the PS4 and Xbox One. It definitely changed the look of the game, giving it a far more personal feel. For players who also are fans of Call of Duty and similar first person shooters, it was a highly anticipated addition. For the rest, it was definitely a change that took time to adjust to - if they chose to use it at all.

    The next rumor regarding the gameplay of GTA 6 is that it may be entirely in first person mode. This rumor isn't too far-fetched, especially with the love Rockstar received from players for the addition. However, if GTA 6 is actually going to be as crowd-pleasing as we'd expect, it wouldn't be a surprise if they at least added the option to revert back to the original third person mode.

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    It will be set in the 1970s

    Over the course of the franchise, GTA titles have been set in a wide range of time periods. Players have seen the 1960s with the original GTA London games, the 1980s in GTA Vice City, the 1990s in GTA San Andreas, the early 2000s in GTA 3, as well as a time jump from the mid-2000s to present day in GTA 5. This leaves one specific decade that has yet to be touched in the GTA universe - the 1970s. And if rumors hold true, that won't be the case for much longer.

    With each game set in its own decade, we have also had a decade-appropriate feel to it. This could definitely be nostalgic for gamers who lived during that time, and perhaps a lesson to those that didn't. Rockstar does its due diligence to the look and style of the time period its games are set in, so we might be seeing an even funkier GTA 6 than we were expecting.

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    Its release date isn't even close

    Another rumor regarding GTA 6 - and one that is significantly less exciting - regards how long we'll have to wait to see the game in stores.

    As of right now, Rockstar has said that we won't be seeing it in this decade, and that could be as late as 2024 before it hits shelves. Why so long? Well, with the continued work on GTA Online and the completion of development on Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has a lot on its plate before it can turn its complete focus to a project as massive as GTA 6.

    Like GTA 5, the original Red Dead Redemption had a small scale online experience which players expect to be expanded upon in the sequel. Especially with the success from GTA Online.

    All these factors (plus the time needed to actually create the game itself) makes a 2024 release feel unfortunately realistic.

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    The map will consist of the entire continental United States

    Could you imagine a GTA game with a map the size of the United States? Whether it would all be explorable or not has not been clarified, but the idea of a map that size definitely would be an attention grabber.

    Could a game that size even be properly explored? It could lead to a problem that No Man's Sky faced upon its initial release, where the universe was so big that it was rather blank and barren at first. However, knowing Rockstar Games, if it did make a map that large, it would most likely fill the explorable areas appropriately.

    A game with a map size that big would probably set a record with the memory needed for gameplay!

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    It could be set in London

    Think back to the start of GTA. Remember the expansion mission pack London? Most younger players probably don't.

    The game was set in the 1960s and hasn't been revisited since. This leads to another rumor floating around, that the setting of the new GTA game may take place in London, where the series saw its beginnings. With the original games having an eagle's eye viewpoint, this could revolutionize the city the games were based in and give it immensely more depth.

    This was actually the only GTA game that used the name of a real world city before it took to renaming them. A London-based game could actually be pulled off pretty well. After all, the history of the famed English city, like any big city in the world, is rich with its own secrets, gangs, and corruption!

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    Time travel will be involved - sort of

    The next rumor combines some elements of other rumors, hinting at the possibility of some degree of time travel in GTA 6.

    Slow down, folks, it's not like there would be some time traveling portal that you step into. The idea would be that there would be big time jumps throughout the story, making it span across several decades. Another idea that gives the rumor plausibility is that if the game were to include multiple cities, each city could be in its own time period. Weird right?

    Multiple cities with multiple characters, all in their own time periods. Once you complete the storylines for each one, they all progress to the same time period, where their stories converge. It doesn't sound as outlandish in that context, but you never know what Rockstar might try to pull off!

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    Play as a criminal or a cop

    Imagine creating your own character for single player GTA, where instead of living out the life of a criminal, you could choose to play as a police officer.

    That would take everything we know about GTA and spin it on its head. Every GTA game players have ever seen has been a love story of sorts to criminals and the lifestyle they live. To elect to become a police officer instead, you could potentially play the reverse storyline. Instead of performing whatever illegal missions and crazy heists you would as the criminal, you would set out to stop those same crimes from happening.

    Players of GTA 5 requested a DLC of the same type be released. While it hasn't surfaced yet, it could be something developers are saving for GTA 6 instead!

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    Create your own main character

    Another cool feature rumored to be coming to GTA 6 is the ability to create your own character. While we saw a feature similar to this in GTA Online, this feature has never been seen before in any of Rockstar's single player modes. They always have their own face, personality, voice, and style of play that are added to their unique storyline. The potential to design your own main character, however, could come at a cost. In GTA Online, we saw this customization lead to a very bland and boring character throughout the online experience.

    This feature, if done properly, could lead to other cool dynamics, such as never experiencing the same story twice! Some diehard fans of GTA 5 have played through the story multiple times, with the same base missions and objectives along the way.

    What a cool change this would be to the GTA universe!


    Have you come across any other wild rumors surround Grand Theft Auto VI? Let us know in the comments.

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