The 10 Best Gifts To Celebrate The Return of The Matrix

The Matrix caught moviegoers off guard back in 1999, at the turn of the century. It offered viewers an alternate reality that was easily comprehensible on the surface yet peeled back into layers of sci-fi intrigue. This stylistic merging of western and eastern cinema was a visual treat.

The Matrix spawned 2 more movies, an animated film, an MMO, multiple videogames, and became a muse to artists around the world. Although the two sequels weren't as highly acclaimed, the franchise as a whole was sincerely loved. After 16 years since the final film, something has happened; Matrix 4 is officially a thing. So grab your 90s shades and let's dive into the 10 Best Gifts To Celebrate The Return of The Matrix.

10 The Matrix Collection

Matrix Collection


As everyone collectively chatters over all of the theories for Matrix 4why not watch the series in its current entirety? First off is the big enchilada of Matrix merch - the collection of all three current Matrix movies and their animated sibling, The Animatrix. The lesser-known Animatrix follows nine animated stories set in the Matrix universe. Seven anime directors helmed this project, each with their own visual style.

This release also includes a plethora of bonus content; from multiple commentaries by cast and crew to the previsualization of fight scenes. This is the perfect collection for any old or new Matrix fan.

9 Ghost in the Shell - 25th Anniversary Edition

Ghost In The Shell Major Kusanagi


Ghost in the Shell is considered to be one of the major influences of The Matrix. With a futuristic sci-fi environment that we are eerily crawling towards, this animated film stands the test of time. Set in 2029, this movie focuses on Major Motoko Kusanagi and her fight against 'The Puppet Master," a vicious program that hacks into people's brains. Ghost in the Shell remains a tentpole in the cyberpunk, science fiction, and thriller genres.

With a heavy grip on humanity and our will to not be enslaved, this movie is the perfect companion piece for fans of The Matrix.

8 The Matrix Movie Poster US Version

Matrix Movie Poster US


From movies to music, few items show our passion better than posters. Whether you already have an entire room for your posters or want to have a conversation piece for your favorite movie, posters have been the go-to for years.

No matter the situation, this The Matrix US movie poster will surely fit in. And while posters are a dime a dozen, this is actually the authentic poster from the original release. Sitting at 24x36 inches, be sure to put it in a poster case to protect against any Agent Smiths who happen to stroll on by.

7 Keanu Reeves Life Size Cutout

Keanu Reeves Cutout


Look, you can't be blamed for wanting Keanu Reeves in your life. From The Matrix to Bill and Ted, the man is known for great roles and a wonderful personality. Keanu is even a lead character in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

An action star with a heart of gold. This Celebrity-Cutouts Keanu Reeves is a life-size cutout of the titular man. Whether for you or a friend, this cutout is perfect to surprise those who are pining for the next Matrix. Although it can't be guaranteed that you won't get weird looks for carrying Neo around, we're giving you the thumbs up.

6 Vintage Matrix Morpheus Rimless Sun Glasses

Morpheus Sunglasses Neo Matrix


Two pills sit outstretched in front of you, held in the hands of a wise-looking man. Your journey thus far was horrifying and full of the unknown. Perhaps you would prefer to take the blue pill and head back into the dream. Maybe the red pill holds your fancy, as you crave to have your questions answered.

Either way, you look at this man and notice how fresh his shades are. "Can I have your sunglasses instead?" you ask, boldly. Morpheus stammers, not sure what to say. Nevertheless, he hands them over. Who cares if the world is run by sentient machines? You look fly.

5 Neo Cosplay Costume Black Long Trench Coat

Neo Matrix Bullet Stopping


With Morpheus' sunglasses in hand, you feel the power brimming at your fingertips. Perhaps you could even cosplay as your favorite Matrix heroes? The only thing you're missing is a black trench coat. Everyone knows you can't be a protector of humans unless you have a long stylish black cloak! Good thing Amazon has you covered. This cosplay-ready trench coat is perfect for those trying to be Neo, the One.

Styled just like the movies, each coat is hand-crafted and ready to help take on any Agent. Time to learn some kung-fu.

4 Agent Smith The Matrix Reloaded Statue Mini Bust

Agent Smith Matrix Statue Bust


Mr. Anderson. We meet again.

This Agent Smith Statue Mini Bust is perfect for fans of the villainous Agent Smith. Agent Smith dominated the series as a villain scarier than the machine overlords could ever hope to be. While he started as a program created by the machines, he wanted out, at any cost. Every person in The Matrix had a possibility of assimilating into the horrific man. With a look of determination, this mini-bust shows Agent Smith ready to pull the trigger on the One. Better hope he doesn't set his sights on you.

3 Cloud Atlas Blu-Ray

Cloud Atlas Blu Ray


After The Matrix, The Wachowski's went on to create many elaborate projects. A great example is Cloud Atlasa fantasy epic spanning multiple generations. The Wachowski's became a household name and were able to push the boundaries and budgets of mainstream media.

Their big film in 2012 was a tale of how kindness ripples through life. Tom Hanks and cast play up to six roles each, over the course of many journeys that all are intertwined. Returning from The Matrix series is actor Hugo Weaving, who himself plays to his strongest suit - a man with a mission. Although in no way as entrancing as The Matrix, Cloud Atlas is a journey worth experiencing.

2 Trinity Matrix Funco POP


This list wouldn't be complete without Trinity. A woman capable of fighting off Agents with style, Trinity is more than just Neo's love interest. An elite hacker who guides Neo down the rabbit hole, she ventures against the machines with the purpose of saving civilization.

This Trinity Matrix Funko POP perfectly replicates her hardshell demeanor and intense gaze. With an amazing throwback to the first outfit we see her in, she appears as a stylish threat ready to shoot. Who says you can't kick butt and look great while doing it?

1 Matrix Action Figure: Neo Lobby


"Okay, so what do you need - besides a miracle?" "Guns. Lots of Guns."

The lobby scene from The Matrix is one of the most intense actions scenes in the series. The tag team of Neo and Trinity are against the clock. Agent Smith has Morpheus and is hacking into his brain to get vital information about the last real human civilization. Entering the building, the team sets off the metal detectors. With cinematic gusto and real debris flying around, Neo (and Trinity) proceed to put down dozens of guards. This iconic scene is faithfully recaptured as a miniature statue. Mid action roll, Neo is blasting through guards as concrete walls and pillars erupt amidst hot lead.

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