The Best Gifts For G.I. Joe Fans

G.I Joe is a touchstone of '80s pop culture and its fandom continues to this day. Hate Cobra Commander? Check out these gifts for the best fans!

Cobra GI Joe

Whether you played with the action figures from the ‘60s, watched the animated series in the ‘80s, or enjoyed the science-fiction leaning live-action films in the ‘00s, G.I. Joe has been an indelible American icon for decades. After Hasbro produced the first “action figures” among toys, represented by four branches of the U.S. armed forces, they exploded in popularity, embedding themselves into the psyche of children everywhere.

G.I. Joe is woven into the fabric of American pop culture, with its marketing tactics among the most inventive in the world. Whether you liked to play with the 12 inch Adventure Team Joes, or the ubiquitous 3.75 inch Joes from G.I. Joe: Real American Hero, toy companies had never released an animated series and an ongoing comic book simultaneously to both market, and expand the world of, their products. This list isn’t just action figures though, it’s a variety of gifts no G.I. Joe fan should be without!



Based on the G.I. Joe action figures from the ‘70s, this G.I. Joe Hall of Fame Duke recreates all the fun of the original version right down to his genuine dog tags. With his realistic and authentic battle dress uniform and life-like hair, he’s so much more than the sum of his parts.

Standing 12 inches tall, this specially numbered Collector’s Edition Duke figurine is fully poseable, despite the body being slightly bulky. While he’s durable enough for play as much as the show, his body isn’t articulated so be careful how you bend him! His weapons also come with authentic electronic lights and sounds!



The sworn enemy of G.I. Joe and American Freedom, Cobra Commander heads Cobra, a clandestine terrorist organization bent on world domination. Cobra Commander’s personal history and identity are forever shrouded in mystery, his physical form a representation of ideological fear.

Like the dictators of many governments that opposed the United States at the time G.I. Joe’s were most popular, Cobra Commander is a fanatical leader, demanding absolute blind loyalty from all who follow him. He first appeared in Marvel Comics series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #1, and was most commonly seen in the blue uniform and helmet seen on this 3 ¾ inch figure.



Never has evil looked so good than with this Baroness 1:4 scale statue, produced by Sideshow Collectibles and Pop Culture Shock. She stands at a regal 22 inches, straddling the cannon of the Moray, poised to fight as Cobra Commander’s lieutenant until every last Joe is vanquished. Even as the Moray sinks beneath the translucent waves, Baroness stands tall, never giving up without a fight.

She appears in her black catsuit from the G.I. Joe animated series, along with her boots and grey gloves, all evoking the appearance of real fabric. She sports her infamous black-rimmed spectacles, as well as her punchy red lipstick. She is as beautiful as she is deadly, armed with a rifle and a pistol.



Relive all the action and explore all the sci-fi tech with this DVD two-pack of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Follow the original Joes, Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Daman Wayans) as they join the G.I. Joe Team battling the mysterious Military Armaments Research Syndicate (M.A.R.S.) soldiers.

The movies explore the origin story of the G.I. Joes, coupling it with a science fiction angle with nano-tech weaponry. Cobra’s nanobots can devour any metal they come in contact with and could destroy entire cities. When the world’s leaders are placed under Cobra control and the G.I. Joes are labeled as traitors, it’s up to Duke, Ripcord, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and the rest to take out Cobra once and for all.



Capture the power and agility of Snake Eyes, one of the most popular characters in the G.I. Joe franchise. This premium statue from Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio perfectly captures Snake Eyes his lethality as a recon ranger in Southeast Asia. Beside him stands his snarling companion Timber, ready to charge into battle with his human ally.

Snake Eyes is known for his deadly efficiency, but also his relationship with Scarlett and Storm Shadow. He’s seen here in his classic battle uniform, complete with grenade bandoleer and an assortment of weapons. He comes with a variety of hand options for different action modes, each sporting a different weapon (either, katana, uzi, or handgun).



With Monopoly and G.I. Joe, you couldn’t ask for a better combination. Who wants to buy hotels when you can buy detention centers and military bases? Combining the risk-taking of Monopoly and the adventure of the popular ‘80s cartoon, G.I. Joe fans can take on Cobra and dominate the board game battlefield.

This exciting version of the classic board game comes with G.I. Joe and Cobra figures, such as dog tags, Cobra Commander’s helmet, the U.S.S. Flag, the G.I. Joe vehicle Thunder Machine, and Snake Eye’s wolf companion Timber. It also features 22 locations from the G.I. Joe world, all decorated with retro art from the animated series. To take the action to new heights, there’s even a speed play option.



For collectors of G.I. Joe figures, this Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe is a must! Featuring Joes from the ‘70s Adventure Teams, all the way to the 1990s Sonic Warriors, this book is a complete compendium for anyone that wants a better handle on G.I. collecting. This revised third edition provides even more expansion to include every possible Joe, from the animated series to the films.

Find out exactly how to price your Joe by comparing its original price to today’s, including its equipment, accompanying vehicle, and information on its boxed or unboxed value. It also showcases original paperwork from the ‘60s all the way to the mid-‘90s, as well as full illustrations of all the original Action Series Joes and the ‘80s Force figures.




Show your allegiance to G.I. Joe’s sworn enemy Cobra with this stylish retro shirt depicting the logo of the top secret terrorist organization sworn to take over the world. Led by the mysterious Cobra Commander, Cobra has set its sights on controlling all of the world’s wealth, cities, and population. Led by Cobra Commander’s fanaticism, it aims to put the world in a chokehold of fear unless G.I. Joe can stop it.

This athletic fit t-shirt features a retro, slightly faded design of the Cobra serpent logo, fading from white to orange, to red, with the bottom displaying the words, "Fighting G.I. Joe since 1982”. It comes in several colors and is the perfect gift for G.I. Joe, Cobra fans, or fans of ‘80s nostalgia.



Relive all of the excitement of the G.I. Joe original animated series with this 17-disc collector’s set! Follow the adventures of Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, and the rest of the G.I. Joe Team of highly trained special forces as they take on the terrorist organization of Cobra.

G.I. Joe: Real American Hero was one of the most popular ‘80s cartoons of all time and has never before been released all at once. All discs come in this premium footlocker package, and includes special featurettes, exclusive interviews, PSAs, and even old Hasbro toy commercials! It even includes a 60-page collectors book and a 1GB dog tag flash drive loaded with 2 G.I. Joe comics.



After the success of the ‘80s animated series, the much anticipated animated film G.I. Joe: Real American Hero was released to much fanfare. Experience all the excitement of the full-length film in high definition, with a bundle of special featurettes, rare PSA’s, art galleries, and commentary from the animators themselves.

The film focuses on the G.I. Joe team as they endeavor to keep the Broadcast Energy Transmitter away from Cobra and the Cobra-La, of which the ancient Golobulus commands. When Duke is wounded in battle, it’s up to Lieutenant Falcon and new G.I. Joe recruits trained by Sergeant Slaughter to stop Golobulus from infecting the world with deadly spores!

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