10 Best Gifts For Charmed Fans

Charmed was on from 1998 until 2006, and it focused on the Halliwell sisters. These brunette beauties were The Charmed Ones, and they used their Power of Three to protect innocent lives. That being said, many fans were entertained by Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige and still look up to these leading ladies...which is why this gift guide exists!

From tees and glasses to DVDs and books, there are tons of great themed items listed out here, and any product on this guide would be a smart buy for a fan. There is even a reboot series now, with new stars and characters, and those who watch it are sure to enjoy some of these items, as well. 

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10 Book Of Shadows: Charmed


Of course, it is awesome that the Halliwells have powers, but they also have a book of spells, which is called the Book of Shadows. People who used to watch these characters use this book can now own their very own! It has over 200 pages of illustrations, notes, information and even spells.

The main attraction is the cover, though, which has a leather design and a gold emblem that both help make this product look like a real prop from TV. So whether someone wants to practice their own magic or add this neat item to a collection of memorabilia, keep this gift idea in mind.

9 Triquetra Knot 


The emblem seen on many of these items and that is on the front of The Charmed Ones’ Book of Shadows is seen here in this amazing decal, which is a simple and affordable gift idea.

Since it is vinyl, it can stick to the back window of a car, to a mirror in a bathroom, to a specific area in a bedroom, to a DVD collection of Charmed… There are many options when it comes to using this sticker as a way to tell the world how much this television series is loved and enjoyed! 

8 Triquetra Stemless Wine Glass 


Those who watch either version of Charmed will adore getting to while drinking out of this stemless glass.

It holds 15 ounces, and it is handcrafted in the USA. The front of the glass has that iconic triquetra symbol on it, which is etched into the glass in a frosted white color; this makes it very permanent and safe for the dishwasher. Wine glasses such as this one right here always make thoughtful presents, especially for fans who like to display their interests and their favorite shows in such a fun way. 

7 Charmed: The Complete Series


Over the years, there were 173 episodes of the original Charmed, and with this complete set, people can own them and rewatch them again and again.

This 48-disc collection has all the magic that fans saw on TV, as well as special features like The Making of Charmed, The Store of Charmed: A 2-Part Documentary, The Final 22 Episodes, To the Manor Born: Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Halliwell Manor and Forever Charmed: A Profile of Charmed Fans. Those additional bonuses alone make this one super-smart purchase to consider when buying a present or doing some personal shopping!

6 Charmed T-Shirt 


Something else to think about when trying to find an item to buy for a fan is a T-shirt; everyone wears tees at some point or another, and they are a cool way to display passions.

This particular one is made from 100 percent cotton. It is an officially licensed item. It, once again, has that triple-linked graphic. And in comes in adult, youth, and juniors sizes. It is easy to picture many different people out there sporting this at the gym, while out with friends or during a binge-watching session of Charmed!

5 Charmed Original Soundtrack 


Since the club P3 was owned by Piper and her sisters, too, several musical guests stars appeared on this television series throughout its run. That made for one incredible soundtrack! Any true fan deserves to have this item, which features songs by Smash Mouth, The Flaming Lips, Third Eye Blind, Vanessa Carlton and more.

While many enjoyed this story because of the characters, the relationships, the excitement and the spells, the music was definitely something to hear and like, as well, which is why this soundtrack belongs on this shopping guide. 

4 The Power of Three (Charmed) 


If anyone wants to enjoy Charmed on a deeper level, they can read this book, which is a direct tie-in to the TV show; it is even written by Constance M. Burge, a producer and writer who created this series.

It details how Prue, Piper and Phoebe found out about their powers and how they had to quickly master them since warlocks and other evil spirits were lurking around them. Many fans have seen these episodes several times, so getting to experience them all in a new way would be wonderful, making this a wise option for a present to get. 

3 The Power of Three T-Shirt 


Show off a personal version and interest in the Power of Three by wearing this tee! The bold graphic on the front depicts the Triquetra, Hecate's Wheel (Strophalos) and The Horned God. These designs make this a cool thing to buy a spiritual person, as well as a fan of this popular TV series.

This shirt also has a high-quality and classic fit that will work well for many, and it is available in five color options: black, cranberry, kelly green, dark heather and heather blue (so pick a fave or go with what one of the Halliwell sisters would wear!).

2 The Book of Shadows: The Unofficial Charmed Companion


This unofficial companion is the ultimate guide to Charmed, and it offers so much: There are spells, there is info on the mysteries of the show, there are details on the story’s roots in the ancient tradition of Wicca, there are behind-the-scenes tidbits about the stars, and there is even advice on performing magic, with tools and recipes!

Anyone who adores this show would appreciate receiving just a fraction of this info, but The Book of Shadows: The Unofficial Charmed Companion just keeps on giving and giving, as it is packed full of fantastic magic and more. 

1 Charmed: The Complete Series Collector's Edition Box Set 


This final gift idea is another one that features The Book of Shadows, and inside, there are DVDs. Yes, this is another complete set, which includes all of the episodes of this hit television show. The special features on this item include an interview with Holly Marie Combs, an interview with Alyssa Milano and an interview with Rose McGowan, to provide an insider’s glimpse into these stars’ lives.

The best part about this, though, is the collectible box, which is green, which depicts the Triquetra once again and which would look so neat displayed in a fan’s home. 

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