5 Big Geek Movie Questions for 2015

5 Big Geek Movie Questions 2015

We're nearly a month into 2015, and for those who love geek movies it is going to be quite a year indeed. Just tackling major headlines, this will be a year when we get an Avengers sequel, not to mention a brand new Star Wars movie (one free of George Lucas for the very first time).

Of course we're also getting new or revamped entries in some huge franchises (Jurassic Park, Terminator, Mission: Impossible, James Bond, Fast & Furious) and some new genre properties (Chappie, Tomorrowland, The Good Dinosaur) that could also become big hits .

Taking all of that (and much more) into account, here are our 5 Big Geek Movie Question for 2015.


5. Will Fantastic Four Shock the World?

Fantastic Four (Most Anticipated Movie of 2015)

Fox's Fantastic Four reboot is one of the oddest examples of big-budget superhero movie marketing we've ever seen - largely because that marketing has been non-existent. Not one official promo photo, trailer or even legitimate piece of concept art to give fans - many of whom are riled up about changes to the story and characters - any kind of hope.

Right now, Fantastic Four has a lot of people rooting against it (that old "give it back to Marvel" mantra), and little going for it other than assurances from the filmmakers or other invested parties who swear that it's going to be worth the wait.

Fantastic Four Kate Mara Clarification Not One Comic Story

It's hard to be anything but skeptical at this point; however, director Josh Trank impressed and surprised with Chronicle, his found-footage superhero film, so maybe he has done it again? Maybe The Fantastic Four will shock fans and the world and make a lot of money for Fox?

We'll probably have a good idea if that miracle is possible once the first trailer premieres with Kingsman: The Secret Service on Valentine's Day weekend.


4. Can We Get the Magic Back?

Terminator Genisys and Star Wars 7 2015

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2015 features a handful of films that will attempt to revitalize some big, iconic, movie franchises that have either not seen the screen in a long time, or have not had great success with priro attempts to recapture glory.

Jurassic World hopes bring us back to the wonder (and terror) of Jurassic Park; Terminator: Genisys is attempting to course-correct the wayward franchise and build a new trilogy on top of it; Mad Max: Fury Roadis bringing back the director of the original installments (George Miller) for a new vision of The Road Warrior; and a little franchise named Star Wars is coming back with a whole new shared universe of films. Just to name a few.

Jurassic-World-Mad-Max 2015

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The question in all this is: can ANY of these films really get back the magic that gave their parent films (and/or subsequent sequels) such enduring legacies? There are no guranteed hits in the lineup (though Star Wars and Mad Max DO have good hype), so the answer to this question could be a lot disappointment for some of the hopefuls, and big success for others.

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