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Best Over-Ear Headphones: V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless

Looking for the absolute best in sound, comfort and style from your headphones, the award-winning sort that the best DJs use? V-MODA's insanely slick Crossfade 2 Wireless is the answer, though it offers identical sound quality whether using analog wired or bluetooth wireless playback.

  • Simultaneous Device Pairing - Multitasking users can pair the headphones with two sources at a time, such as a smartphone and laptop for work or a smartphone and smartwatch for working out
  • BLISS Large Enhanced Memory Foam Cushions - Unparalleled supple comfort
  • VAMP - Legendary V-MODA VAMP AMP/DAC technology condensed
  • Qualcomm aptX (On Rose Gold version) - State of the art audio codec enables CD-like quality sound over Bluetooth which allows for the best lossless wireless listening experience
  • Passive Noise Isolation - Naturally cut the distractions of jet engines and unwanted noise without the hiss and pressure of Active Noise Canceling (ANC)
  • Crystal Clear Communication - Hidden mic and included 1-Button SpeakEasy™ cable allows calls on-the-go, at the office or gaming
  • CliqFold Hinge - Luxury lighter-like hinge mechanism precisely folds the headphones into impossibly small exoskeleton case perfect for on the go and traveling
  • V-PORT Vents - New ventilation system for air circulation after use on stage or working out
  • 15% Longer Battery - Bigger battery provides up to 14+ hours of music, unlimited hours in wired analog
  • Custom Shield Kits - 3D print or laser engrave your logo, change your shield material and color
  • Available in Black Matte, White Matte and Rose Gold (with aptX)

For taking calls or to use these premium headphones for gaming, pair it with V-MODA's BoomPro microphone.

The Crossfade II Wireless retails for $330.00 (Matte Black and Matte White) or $350 (Rose Gold with aptX).

More: V-MODA

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