Best Customizable Gaming Mouse: ROCCAT Kone AIMO

The successor to Roccat's first ever product, the Kone, the all-new Kone AIMO aims to be something as special as its ancestor, especially when it comes to its looks. The original Kone introduced the industry to multi-color illumination and the new AIMO takes that to the next level with four light strips and a glowing mousewheel, all of which react intuitively and organically to use with its state-of-the-art illumination scenarios.

But more than looks, the ROCCAT Kone AIMO is ergonomic and designed for medium-to-large handed gamers with plenty of customization, including the ability to add secondary functions to the mouse's buttons. Like the SteelSeries line, Roccat's own software (Swarm) allows for simple commands and complex macros. And also like SteelSeries, when it comes to precision, the Kone AIMO features a powerful sensor:

The Owl-Eye is the new optical sensor from PixArt, modified to the high and exacting standards of ROCCAT®. Taking its inspiration from the natural world, it boasts a real and responsive feeling that’s instantly recognizable. The sensor can be configured in terms of the ROCCAT®-pioneered Distance Control Unit (DCU), with the dpi adjustable in 100-dpi steps from 100 to 12000, although we recommend a 400 – 3000dpi range as optimal.

The Kone AIMO also features a tri-button thumb zone for a new and even greater level of control. Pair the Kone AIMO with a ROCCAT Kanga mousepad for the complete experience.

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