Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset: Astro A20

Love the Astro quality and style, and still want that premium wireless experience for a more affordable price? Astro introduced a brand new entry into their lineup in 2017 with the A20s. The Astro 20, like its wireless siblings, still utilizes and comes packed with a wireless transmitter and takes advantage of optical audio, and yes it has the iconic flip-to-mute feature too. It even uses the ASTRO Command Center software as well. It only sacrifices in the sound compared to the A50's 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound, but is still a step above much of the competition.

Game free with accurate, precise ASTRO Audio. The A20 Wireless Headset is Tuned for Gaming, meaning stereo sound and 40mm drivers deliver audio fidelity tuned specifically for a competitive edge. Broadcasting in interference-free wireless 5GHz, you'll experience low latency gameplay, freeing you up to play anywhere in your living room. No wires, no boundaries. The ASTRO Command Center software enables gamers to tune every input and output parameter including mic level adjustments. Create and save custom EQ modes so game audio is never a worry. Always have your communication under control with clear, precise chat audio featuring flip-to-mute mic. Durable construction and extended comfort enables longer gaming sessions. Fully compatible with Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic 3D spatial audio on Xbox One and Windows platforms. Achievement: unlocked.

Like the A40s and A50s, the A20s coming in different colors depending if you want it for PS4 (blue), Xbox (green) or PC (grey - but also works on PS4).

The Astro A20 retails for $149.99.

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