PDP's Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

If you're a gamer looking for that cool, licensed controller, or all the useful accessories you can think, PDP comes to mind. And in Nintendo's record-setting Switch, PDP is the leader in making your gaming experience friendlier and/or better-looking. Just in time for the holidays, PDP unveiled the Light Up Dock Shield, the Pro Charging Grip, and the Hyper Drive Wheel.

Nintendo Switch Light Up Dock Shield ($19.99)

Decorate and protect your Switch dock with a custom LED light show! Choose from 2 different Nintendo designs and over 20 different color settings to transform your dock into a cool glowing display. Features an electronic base which holds the dock and connects to the dock via USB, 2 acrylic framing panels, and 3 pieces of printed light guide film with Nintendo artwork.

Nintendo Switch Pro Joy-Con Charging Grip ($29.99)

Enhance your grip and elevate your game with the Pro Joy-Con Charging Grip. The grip features enhanced controls such as a larger grip for more control, trigger extenders tor quicker reaction time, and analog stick caps for improved accuracy. When it's time to recharge, just place the grip into it's charging base for an instant and easy connection.

Nintendo Switch Hyper Drive Wheel ($9.99)

Handle the tightest curves and blistering speeds with the Hyper Drive Wheel for Nintendo Switch! Featuring an enhanced grip with carbon fiber texture and universal Joy-Con compatibility, the Hyper Drive Wheel is designed to help you cross the finish line ahead of the competition.

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