12The Greyjoy Rebellion

House Greyjoy in Game of Thrones

Occurring nearly a decade before the events of Game of Thrones, a series focusing on the Greyjoy Rebellion would gives us a glimpse into the earlier years of Robert’s rule and would highlight the fact that gaining power is often easier than holding

onto it. The Greyjoy Rebellion, as the name would imply, was an uprising of the Iron Islanders led by Balon Greyjoy, who wanted to carve out an independent kingdom for himself free from the Iron Throne. With the help of Ned Stark and others, Robert Baratheon was able to put down Greyjoy’s revolt and solidify his rule on the Iron Throne.

Just because we know how the story ends doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be interesting to see how we get there. An all-out war would be something we haven’t really seen in GoT, since even during the War of the Five Kings, the battles didn’t take center stage all that often. As an added bonus, it would give us a chance to bring Sean Bean back into our lives and see him not die for a change — something we so rarely get to see.

The Iron Islands will supposedly have a major part to play in the upcoming season of GoT, so this potential spinoff makes a good deal of sense.

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