11 Craziest Items of Game of Thrones Merchandise

Dragon Eggs - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

Game of Thrones is one of the most talked-about shows on TV, despite (or perhaps because of) its many scenes of gratuitous sex and violence. The live-action adaptation of the high-fantasy epic novels is coming up to its sixth season on HBO, and with every new character comes plenty of new merchandise to let fans share their love for the series with the world.

There are plenty of the usual merchandising suspects available; collectible figures, replica swords, jewelry, clothing and art prints litter the geeky corners of the internet. However, there are also a few products that buck the usual trends to bring us something totally new.

Here is Screen Rant's list of the 11 Craziest Items of Game of Thrones Merchandise.

12 Khal Drogo Thongs

Karl Drogo panties - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

Most of the time, fandom-inspired products are designed to let you shout your allegiance to a series from the rooftops… but that’s definitely not the case with these Khal Drogo thong panties! Available from Etsy Shop Kayleeksauvey, which specializes in fandom underwear, the set includes three different thongs: one with Drogo’s blue tattoos, another bearing the line “Moon of My Life”, and a third emblazoned with Drogo’s face.

If you would rather have Khaleesi’s face displayed on your crotch, there’s also a Daenerys set featuring her image, the silhouette of a dragon, and the words “Mother of Dragons”. While definitely an unusual way to express your love of the show, there’s no doubting that they would be a great way to wear your fandom to places where a more obvious display wouldn’t be appropriate. After all, who would know?

11 Life Size Iron Throne

Iron Throne - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

If you’ve got a spare $30,000 and an empty space in your living room set, why not pick up an actual Iron Throne to curl up on while you watch the show?

In 2012, HBO started selling full-sized replicas of the legendary chair in their online store; the perfect gift for the Game of Thrones superfan who has it all! Measuring in at over seven feet tall and weighing over three hundred and fifty pounds, these are some serious pieces of furniture. For the sake of safety (and presumably to keep the weight semi-reasonable), they aren’t actually made from the sharpened swords of your enemies, but of handpainted fiberglass and fireproof resin. Sadly, the HBO store took the listing down recently, but the network would probably still be willing to create one for any billionaire fans out there.

The throne is known in the books for having an unfortunate tendency to cut open the rulers who sit on it, so this might not be the most comfortable addition to your home, but it will certainly be a conversation-starter!

10 Iron (Porcelain) Throne

Porcelain Throne - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

If you aren’t quite willing to shell out thirty grand, there’s a much cheaper way to introduce an Iron Throne to your home, with this wall decal designed to go above your toilet.

The peel-and-stick vinyl decal is the same width as the average tank, and creates the hilarious illusion of sword blades and hilts sprouting from the toilet, turning it from a “porcelain throne” to the Iron Throne of Westeros. Available from World Factory Design on Etsy, the decal comes in a variety of colors and could theoretically stick to any smooth surface behind a chair. Why not take it to work and create yourself an Iron Office Chair to strike fear into the hearts of your employees? Or show your family who’s in charge at dinner by placing it behind the head chair in the dining room? The possibilities are endless!

9 Fire and Blood Perfume

Perfume - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

A subtle way to show your love for all things Mother of Dragons, this perfume by Think Geek claims to be “a scent worthy of the blood of the dragon” and is based on the character of Daenerys. Obviously, this won’t make you smell like a singed royal who has been riding through the wasteland for weeks, but it does contain scents inspired by her journey.

The perfume starts off with top knots of grass (for her time on the Dothraki sea) followed by smoke and violets, before mellowing into a fragrance of “Dragon's Blood”. It may sound intimidating, but is actually a blend of sweet and spicy scents (amber, sandalwood, musk, florals, spice and leather) that sound surprisingly pleasant. Packaged in a dragon egg (obviously), even if you don’t want to smell like blood and smoke, it’ll make a gorgeous addition to your dressing table.

8 Felt Character Pillows

Felt Pillows - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

If you don’t want to feel alone while watching Game of Thrones, but you don’t have any actual living humans to sit with you, why not pick up these character-inspired felt pillows? Made by Etsy seller Sweetest Nerdy Dreams, these little cushions are hand cut, hand stitched, and “ready for a good home”.

While this is a cute idea, there’s something a little creepy about a set of lipless, unblinking, fictional characters made of felt on your sofa, especially as they are too small to really function as a way to get comfortable. Instead, these pillowy versions of Drogo, Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow are made to perch somewhere and stare at their new owner.

7 Game of Thrones Body Pillows

Body Pillow - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

Nothing says crazy merchandise quite like a body pillow! If the little felt characters are just too small for all the cuddling you want to do, throw caution to the wind and pick up one of the many Game of Thrones themed body-pillow-cases available online.

Snuggle up on the sofa with Jon Snow and Ghost, Ned Stark on the Iron Throne, or even The Hound (because he’s just the definition of cuddly) with these offerings from Case Punch. They even have a body pillow emblazoned with the face of Joffrey Baratheon!

Or, if even a Joffrey body pillow isn’t taking it far enough, follow in the footsteps of Lucy Watson, who teamed up with Now TV and made a Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow complete with an arm to wrap around your shoulders. The pillow is wearing a fur-trimmed cloak and black gloves, just like a real man of the watch… except that it doesn’t have a head. At least this way, there’s no way your “boyfriend” can interrupt!

6 Three-eyed-Raven Beer

Beer - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

Love Game of Thrones but don’t have any space for decorative felt pillows or a life-size Iron Throne? Do you find yourself thinking that normal, non-fandom beer is just not enough? Well, Brewery OmmeGang has come to the rescue with a Westeros-themed brew called Three Eyed Ravens.

Described as a Dark Saison ale, a “hybrid style open to brewer’s imagination. In the end it is neither a pure saison nor your typical dark beer, but instead a delectable blend that both deceives and thrills the senses” the beer went on sale in April this year, to coincide with the Season 5 premiere.  We may be between seasons at the moment, but that’s no reason not to stock up on this dark beer ahead of Season 6.

5 Broadsword Umbrellas

Broadsword Umbrella - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

One of the more practical items on the list, these broadsword umbrellas may not be made of actual Valyrian steel, but they’re much better at keeping the rain off your head.

The black umbrella handle is shaped like a broadsword hilt, (made of black plastic), and it comes with a case that straps over your shoulder. Sadly, there are no available umbrellas with sword belts to give you the full Westeros experience, but it’s probably best not to be too realistic with replica swords for wearing in public.

A broadsword umbrella may get you some strange looks (especially when it’s “sheathed”), but it’ll also make you smile on a rainy day, and that is well worth $29.

4 Wooden Lannister Sigils and Banners

Banner - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

Everybody loves the Lannisters, right? Show your support for the ruling house of Westeros (for now, anyway), by hanging banners and carved wooden sigils on your wall. Who wouldn’t want to align themselves with the family that brought us Joffrey, patricide and incest?!

This fabric banner is available from Etsy seller Oki007, and features the golden Lannister lion rampant on a field of red – at 33.5 inches long, it’s definitely going to make a statement in any space. Of course, if you would rather make a less… controversial statement of allegiance, the store also stocks banners for the other houses in the series.

If you would rather show your house pride without taking up quite so much space or potentially clashing with the paint colors, there are also these hand-carved wooden house sigils, from Etsy seller MillwaukeeMade. These are much smaller than the banners (at under ten inches high), and are also available for multiple houses.

3 Dragon Eggs (Cookie Jars and Collectors’ Items)

Dragon Eggs - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

Some of the most popular items from the show (in terms of reproductions, anyway) are the dragon eggs given to Daenerys in Season 1. These red, green, and gold eggs appear in jewelry, accessories, and all kinds of decorative items for the ultimate Targaryen fan. While some of these are pretty, subtle ways to show your love for the Mother of Dragons, others are definitely a little bit crazier!

Like this replica collector’s edition set from HBO. For only a hundred dollars, you too can own three small resin versions of the prop eggs used on set! They come in a pretty wooden box with a satin lining, and while they don’t actually serve any practical function, they definitely look nice.

If you’d rather your dragon eggs be a little more functional, you could always use one as a cookie jar. This Think Geek canister modeled after Rhaegal’s egg (the green one, for those not sure) is the perfect kitchen accessory for any Game of Thrones fan.

Of, for those fans who would rather snuggle their unborn dragons, Think Geek also has this set of three plush eggs. Because why not?

2 Crochet Your Own Direwolf

Crotchet Direwolf - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

Jealous of the Stark children? Well, of their wolves, at least (who would be jealous of them for anything else?). Now you can crochet your own adorable direwolf thanks to this pattern by ICrochettThings on Etsy.

The downloadable pattern will show crochet-lovers how to create a seven-inch tall amigurumi shaped like the sign of House Stark. While the example is in grey, the beauty of a pattern is that you can make it any color you want. Re-create Lady, Summer, or even use some white and red to make your very own Ghost.

You can also find a pattern for the other houses in Game of Thrones; this set of four will let you make the wolf, stag, lion and dragon. Or, make three dragons, one in each color. If you are a crafty fan of Westeros, the possibilities are endless.

1 Conclusion

Karl Drogo panties - Craziest Game of Thrones Merch

How do you feel about these crazy Game of Thrones-inspired products? Would you buy any of them? Do you already own some of them? Or would you rather keep your fandom to yourself, or shout it out with some more traditional items (everybody loves a funny t-shirt)? If you have come across any other crazy products, we’d love to hear about them! Comment and let us know.

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