20The Strain

The Strain is emblematic of where FX was able to go by the time 2014 arrived. Over a decade into a successful run of originals, the network had the luxury of creating with names like Guillermo Del Toro, Chuck Hogan, and Carlton Cuse. That luxury extends to

bringing ideas to life with a big budget and a dedicated production, even if their ideas were of gory horror, of vampires and disease.

The Strain tells the story of a world ravaged by a viral outbreak of vampirism, and the efforts of the show’s protagonists to stop the spread before it’s too late. The show has been well received by critics, but has struggled to find an audience, likely due to the niche nature of its premise. Still, The Strain is enjoyably even in quality, probably due to the experience of the folks handling the proceedings. Carlton Cuse is a TV veteran who is most known for show-running Lost; Guillermo Del Toro is, well, Guillermo Del Toro; and Chuck Hogan is an established author who wrote the novels The Strain adapts.

The show may not be groundbreaking or particularly notable. But it is a solid genre work by a team who knows how to make quality entertainment, and it’s a great place to find real scares on the small screen.

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