The 10 Best Reactions The Internet Had To Overweight Thor

Avengers: Endgame shocked fans with fat-Thor... and these are some of their best reactions.

One of the biggest shocks fans had when watching Avengers: Endgame, was when Thor reappeared much heftier than when they saw him five years earlier, (as well as drinking significantly more). His emotions were all over the place, and his new hairdo was more than questionable. The movie continually poked fun at his new look, but it can be argued he did deserve it.

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Fans had numerous reactions when they saw this unfortunate turn of events unfold on the movie screen before them. Some saw it as a joke, while others took it more personally, finding it insulting to people who have bodies that look more like Endgame Thor's - not the usual ripped Thor. Fans took to the internet to share their reactions after witnessing his monstrous gut. Keep reading to see ten of the best reactions the internet had to overweight Thor!


Thor, for the majority of the movie, bore an uncanny resemblance to none other than the Dude of The Big Lebowski fame. He was super casual, sporting a sweater and a beer, as he drunkenly made his way to victory. Even the black pair of glasses is familiar, as he was caught sleeping in a chair during a meeting while sporting his own dark pair. This perfectly describes what he turned into after five years and fans were spot-on with this rendition, as they pinpointed the key features of his look.


Thor's hair resembled something similar to this, as he sported twisted, quasi-dreads instead of his originally luscious golden locks. It is obvious fans were partially disgusted by the new look he decided to go with, as this picture is not as appetizing as the usual Thor we are accustomed to. Normal Thor had us wanting more, but this new image sent us running for the hills, or a rehab center, to find him the help he needed as he struggled with the loss of his friends and family.


The movie theater was roaring with laughter when the new Thor was revealed, but some fans felt victimized by his overweight new look. They felt it was disrespectful to them as individuals to use weight as a way of creating comedy, especially as the other Avengers continued to rip him down as the movie continued. The video above shows the reactions of some of these fans when this scene occurred, looking around to see who was judging or laughing at them because of their plus-size physique.


We were all wondering throughout the movie when Thor was going to shed the weight. When it was over, he was still up in pounds and fans were left questioning when he planned on getting back in shape.

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Fans everywhere were disappointed with this turn of events, missing the more traditionally sexy six-pack that usually appears in the MCU. The Marvel universe is now restored to order, so will Thor have the want to get in shape now that there is no enemy to fight or is he going to live out his days as an out of shape man?


There were still others in the crowd who weren't disillusioned by overweight Thor, but rather, formed a connection with him on a personal level. We all looked down at our own beer guts when his extra large form appeared on the big screen, taking comfort in the fact that we can now be compared to a god. It gives us confidence and personal empowerment as we wield our gaming headsets and fat rolls with pride. Thor is normalizing the overweight stigma, showing that it's not your size that matters but the strength of your heart.


There were fans who missed the point of Thor's weight gain and increase in alcohol consumption, wondering why Marvel even decided to put it in the movie in the first place. They failed to understand the personal responsibility he felt for the deaths of so many people. He was hurt and he turned to alcohol and food to comfort him as he coped with the loss. It can be understood why some would question it as the movie progressed, especially as he continued to refuse to shave his beard or cut his hair, but there was still a point to his new look.


If fans can't appreciate when Thor yelled at other gamers on Fortnite, then shame on them! He acted as many adult male gamers do when playing video games, becoming too emotionally invested in the outcome of the game.

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Chances are the other gamer he threatened was probably an eight-year-old with a big mouth, but this is not an uncommon occurrence for avid gamers. Fans loved this aspect of the movie, dying with laughter as they remember how just last night they were doing the exact same thing with their friends, yelling at the player who cost them a victory.


This is an accurate representation of Thor before and after, as he went from King of the Pride to the laughable overweight lounger. The lion is lean and strikes fear into the heart of everyone who sees him like Thor did before he became a simple overweight house cat. His emotions even became more malleable as he fretted about his mother's life in a way the original Thor never would have. Thor's weight was so bad even his mother had to tell him to eat a salad because she hated seeing him in this way as much as we did.


Fans who haven't seen the movie yet are shocked and concerned about what they will have to witness when they see the movie for the first time. They have mixed feelings about witnessing him in this state, internally debating why Thor would do such a thing to his beautiful body. Fans feel betrayed, like Thor gave up after the last Avengers movie, and are now wondering if they can handle his drop from a Romanesque statue to a pile of pudge.


This image describes Thor's mood throughout the entire Avengers: Endgame movie, as Rocket accurately described him as melted ice cream. Fans who have seen the movie stare upon the melted cone and couldn't agree more, as they see the resemblance between Thor and this famous dessert. The other image is also correct as Thor could most definitely balance a beer bottle on his enlarged stomach. Fans will forever relate Thor with this image, and can only hope the next movie might bring back the old Thor.

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