Friends Winona Ryder

Stranger Things star Winona Ryder made an appearance in the season seven Friends episode “The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss.” Ryder portrayed Melissa, Rachel’s friend from college, whom Rachel claims she shared a kiss with after having too much sangria. Phoebe, however, doesn’t buy the story because she thinks Rachel

is “so vanilla.”

To prove that she’s not vanilla, Rachel invites Phoebe to have dinner with her and Melissa. Unfortunately for Rachel, Melissa denies that the kiss ever happened. Not one to give up easily, Rachel plants one on Melissa, who then declares her love for Rachel. Turns out Rachel is a good kisser, which Phoebe then puts to a test, deciding that she's had better. Funnily enough, in season three, Ross put Winona Ryder on his Freebie list and yet she wanted Rachel.

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