'The Flash War' Will Decide DC's Main Speedster

The DC Rebirth made both Barry Allen and Wally West stars, but when The Flash War begins... there can only be one winner. Yes, as comic book fans have been enjoying the rollercoaster ride of DC's METAL with its evil Batmen changing the origin story of DC's MultiverseThe Flash War has loomed on the horizon. And as Doomsday Clock promises to answer the Rebirth mystery, it's The Flash War that seems key to whatever comes next. Because explaining the truth of DC's comic past is one thing - beginning "a new age of heroes" is what superhero fans live for.

That's what's been promised by writer Joshua Williamson, the writer charged with answering the age old question of just WHO is really the best Flash ever: Barry Allen, or Wally West? The fact that the two share a bond like few other legacy heroes means a head-on battle isn't too likely. But with both existing as "a Flash," and not "The Flash" in DC's Rebirth continuity, it was only a matter of time before the hierarchy was established.

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The older comic fans and traditionalists, or even fans of The CW TV show may name Barry as the obvious winner. He was the first Flash to don the signature suit, discover the Speed Force, and bring the mythology into the modern, sci-fi era. And when DC restarted its New 52 Universe from scratch, it was Barry who got the spotlight... and Wally who got written out of existence.

Which makes the artwork for The Flash War's first prelude chapter, coming in January 2018, even more intriguing. It suggests a choice, not a winner - and Barry isn't the one making it.

The artwork from Howard Porter pulls no punches in promising some hard questions for Wally West, a man now returned to DC's Universe, but still a shadow of his former self. Once a hero of Keystone City, a husband, and father, Wally is now a Titan. And starting in January 2018, it's finally time for Wally to truly move forward. Wearing the suit he created upon his Rebirth resurrection, and holding the suit of Kid Flash - the hero he became in Barry's shadow - and his own Flash suit - the hero he rose to when Barry died - sends a message. The Flash War is coming, but how much of it will involve Barry is hard to predict. If it turns out to be Wally's story, through and through... fans probably won't mind one bit.

It's the artwork above fans will want to keep an eye out for when the events of The Flash War begin with in The Flash Annual #1, arriving in comic book shops and through digital services on Jan 31, 2018. From there, the events of both The Flash and Titans will continue to draw Barry Allen and Wally West towards the inevitable 'War' - and reveal how exactly it will bring about a 'new age' of DC heroes. Needless to say... we'll be keeping tabs on the story as it develops.

Will you be reading the Prelude and Flash War when it begins to take shape over 2018? Are you eager to see how it will deal with the future and purpose of both Barry Allen and Wally West (the original one, at least)? And if you had to place your bets, who would YOU rather see proven as the "best speedster" the DC Universe has to offer? Let us know our own predictions and theories in the comments.

The Flash Annual #1 arrives on January 31, 2018. The Flash War begins with Issue #46, coming in April 2018.

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