10 Secret Agencies in Film We Want WikiLeaks to Expose

Whether you consider Julian Assange, credited founder of the online organization called WikiLeaks, a terrorist or a journalist, there's no denying that he's left an indelible mark on international cultural consciousness - or that when the man goes after someone, he gets results. (Of course, that doesn't make him less of a lightning rod for controversy.)

In the new film The Fifth Estate - a label for the alternative, online media of today and the self-styled citizen journos who make up its membership - director Bill Condon focuses on specific eras in WikiLeaks' lifespan while also examining Assange himself, illustrating what drives him to fight for social justice and governmental transparency.

Which got us thinking: what if Assange put his talents to use uncovering the truth behind the secret agencies that populate our favorite genre stories? While there are many more covert bureaus and shady cabals than can be captured in one list, these ten represent the secret movie agencies we want Wikileaks to expose the most.

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10 Secret Agencies in Film We Want WikiLeaks to Expose