13Renee Montoya - The Question

Renee Montoya The Question

Renee Montoya starts off as a Gotham police detective, which is when she first comes into contact with the villain Two-Face, who ends up being a defining force in her story. Two-Face falls in love with her, but because he is not the sanest character (to put it mildly),

so he decides to express that love by ruining her entire life, publicly outing her as a homosexual and framing her for murder. Renee is eventually able to prove her innocence, but the damage is done: her religious family disowns her, and she later quits the police force due to its corruption.

It's then that she's approached by and begins to work with the hero the Question. He becomes very important to her over the course of their partnership and after his unfortunate death, Renee soul-searches and ultimately decides to take over for him as the new Question. An often conflicted character with a chip on her shoulder, Renee's journey makes for compelling reading.

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