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Labyrinth - Fairy Tale Movies Too Scary For Kids

If you have ever had a nightmare about David Bowie as a child, you most likely saw Labyrinth a bit too early. The protagonist of the film is Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), a regular teenage girl on Earth who wishes her younger brother Toby (Toby Froud) would be taken away. To

Sarah’s horror, her wish is granted by Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie), who steals Toby and hides him away in his castle, located in a fantasy land full of weird and wonderful creatures. Sarah spends much of the rest of the film desperately trying to make her way through the labyrinth that Jareth has set up to keep her out.

Having one's younger brother stolen by a goblin is a rather terrifying premise, but it'll certainly help a young teenage girl learn a lesson about selfishness. The world of Labyrinth is creepy, and filled with disturbing images such as a scene in which Sarah falls into a hole, where hundreds of hands reach out to grab her. Since Labyrinth was directed by Jim Henson, there are of course creature puppets in the film, some more disturbing than others. Hensons also brought his darkly gothic sensibilities to Dark Crystal, another film which could have easily made this list.

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