11He’s One of Star Wars’ Greatest Mysteries

Yoda - Jedi Master - 12 Facts You Didnt Know About Yoda

When one of the most integral heroes of your cinematic universe is a two foot tall green guy, the best way to avoid questions is to not give any answers. While everyone knows what Yoda drives, what weapon Yoda uses, and what side Yoda fights for, that’s pretty much

all the Yoda stats there are to know. If you were to buy a Yoda Trading Card, much else about him would be left blank; and that’s just the way George Lucas intended it.

Lucas has said in the past that he himself doesn’t know much about Yoda, and he intentionally doesn’t want to find out – or, you know, write it down and make it official – because that would take away from the mystery. No one even knows what species he belongs to or what planet he originally came from. We do know, however, that Yaddle – who is basically female Yoda with longer hair – is also a member of the same species, and why the two never hooked up with each other is a mystery for another day.

George Lucas Poses with Yoda - 12 Facts You Didnt Know About Yoda
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