Netflix: Ranking The 10 Best Episodes Of Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Marvel's Jessica Jones was the darkest of Netflix's superhero offerings. With the third season now released, we're ranking the 10 best episodes!

With the third season of Jessica Jones premiering on Netflix, the Netflix era of Marvel television officially comes to an end. It’s possible audiences will see these characters again one day, but season three marks the end of this chapter for Jessica and her associates.

Suffering from the tragic loss of her family as a teenager and her own kidnapping at the hands of a supervillain as an adult, Jessica Jones has been through a lot. Her series focused on how different people dealt with trauma, but also what being a hero really means. Fans will miss Jessica’s hard drinking and sarcastic nature. If they can’t get enough of her, they can always rewatch the 10 best episodes of Jessica Jones.

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10 S3E11 AKA Hellcat

The only reason this particular episode doesn’t rank higher is because the writers stuck a huge reveal about Trish’s powers so late in the game. Her being able to claw her enemies would have been a great piece of knowledge to have earlier in the season as the audience watched her devolve.

9 S2E07 AKA I Want Your Cray Cray

Jessica Jones S2E07 AKA I Want Your Cray Cray

Audience members got to see just what kind of pop star Trish was (a Britney Spears wannabe), and what she was like when she was an addict. They also got to see what position that put Jessica in. It filled in a lot of blanks for fans who hoped for more than hints to their backstory.

8 S3E13 AKA Everything

Jessica Jones S3E13 AKA Everything

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Jessica spent so much of season three focused on a serial killer and her relationship with Trish that the trauma from Kilgrave even took a backseat - until she decided to leave town. The final moments of the episode show that she’s still dealing with it and that she’s not really ready to leave New York behind.

7 S2E11 AKA Three Lives And Counting

Jessica Jones S2E11 AKA Three Lives And Counting

Despite being able to face Kilgrave head on at the end of the first season, Jessica still had the ghost of him in her head. In this case, the episode saw Kilgrave as the embodiment of Jessica’s own self-doubts. Every time she thought badly about herself, it was Kilgrave as the face of fear and disappointment. The writers made a great decision to get inside Jessica’s head and bring David Tennant back for another turn as the villain.

6 S3E12 AKA A Lotta Worms

Jessica Jones S3E12 AKA A Lotta Worms

Jessica Jones has never been a classic superhero, but this episode takes a classic superhero turn with the villain. Salinger is caught and sent to prison, only for the reveal that there’s an even bigger problem than a serial killer who likes cameras. Trish has become a problem that needs fixing. This left the audience to speculate about how she can be saved or stopped in the series finale.

5 S1E10 AKA 1,000 Cuts

Jessica Jones S1E10 AKA 1000 Cuts

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Jessica didn’t have to make a choice between saving innocent lives and following the villain here. Instead, she had to choose between multiple innocent lives. Hope went out on her own terms, motivating Jessica to finally bring Kilgrave’s reign of terror to an end.

4 S3E08 AKA Camera Friendly

Jessica Jones S3E08 AKA Camera Friendly

“AKA Camera Friendly” also featured a crossroads for Trish and Malcolm. Trish had to figure out how to balance her celebrity life with her life as a potential superhero. Malcolm had to figure out just where he stood at Jeri Hogarth’s firm - and whether that was where he wanted to be. Of course, there’s also that heart-stopping ending. It promised if this episode was on network television, the audience would have been screaming in anger all over social media.


Jessica Jones S1E08 AKA WWJD

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Not only does Kilgrave decide to play house with Jessica in her childhood home, but he also painstakingly recreates it, right down to the family photos and 90s CDs. Jessica plays along with some ground rules, wanting to see if Kilgrave can change. It allows the audience to ask the question of whether he can be redeemed. He can’t, but it’s an interesting process to watch Jessica try to teach him ethical behavior.

2 S1E09 AKA Sin Bin

Jessica Jones S1E09 AKA Sin Bin

This is the episode where the audience goes in believing in Jessica’s plan. It’s solid, and all she has to do is pull it off. The problem comes in her trusting Jeri Hogarth to go along with her plan. Jeri getting in the way for selfish reasons becomes a theme as the seasons continue. This was the first time Jeri caused real chaos for Jessica and her allies.

1 S1E13 AKA Smile

Jessica Jones S1E13 AKA Smile

Jessica lived her life moving from one trauma to the next. Her experience with Kilgrave wasn’t something she could just get over, but the season one finale provided her with a point to begin moving forward. As she realized his power truly didn’t work on her anymore, she saved herself, her best friend, and the city from him. It was a powerful cap to the events of the season.

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