19The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore (Season 7 Episode 2)

Jersey Shore It's Always Sunny

Frank: "I’m sorry, rum ham!"

One of the only episodes  to not be set in Philadelphia provides some of the biggest laughs in the series and takes the gang to the “luxurious” Jersey Shore. Unlike the reality show, it doesn’t have hot people and magical rides

like they were expecting. What is meant to be the reliving of a childhood memory turns into a weekend full of homeless men having sex under the pier, drugstore robberies, and getting lost at sea. The good part is that Charlie bumps into the waitress and they have a beautiful date and fall in love until it’s revealed that she was high the whole time and had no idea what she was doing.

These three different perspectives made for an interesting take on the culture of Jersey Shore. Mac and Frank partied with the stereotypical guidos and fist pumped and took steroids; Charlie experienced the ultimate summer love; and Dee and Dennis unwillingly spent it with murderous thieves. It felt like an old-school, wacky sitcom but with all of the “It’s Always Sunny” humor.

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