The 10 Best Doctor Who Cosplays

Doctor Who familiarizes itself amongst fans of the mystical and imaginative. The story began nearly sixty years ago when the first Doctor found himself on Earth with the aid of his time-traveling capsule, the Tardis. It's been a staple television show in British pop culture, but now exceeds western sci-fi expectations and currently sits on par with fantasy ventures such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Like always, cosplayers are the loudest of the bunch to showcase their ardor for Doctor Who. And because of the longevity of this fantasy realm, you will find participants both young and old dressing up as their favorite Doctor or fascinating character from the series. With the millions of Doctor Who cosplays on the internet after all these years, it would be impossible to showcase even a fraction of the talent. So just to give you a small sampling, here are some of the 10 best Doctor Who cosplays.

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10 The First Doctor

The First Doctor, played by actor William Hartnell, introduces audiences to an alien from the planet of Gallifrey. The Time Lord is initially irascible and eccentric but later falls in line with his fellow civilized beings. Harntell pilots the First Doctor for nearly three years before Patrick Troughton takes his place.

This cosplayer took deliberate detail in his cosplay design. And considering the original series aired in black and white, finding the right colors and accessories could not have been an easy task!

9 Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler came much later in the series, as an ally to the ninth and tenth Doctor. She seeks justice, though she can be spiteful, especially when it comes to the Doctor.

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This cosplay comes from the episode "The Idiot’s Lantern." Rose Tyler is a favorite amongst cosplayers, particularly for this specific look. Set in London in 1953, the outfit is a true homage to the era. Cosplayer Marta Anna Kogut wears it well, making sure to include all of the pink features in her costume. Some of her other amazing cosplay work includes her Scarlett Witch, Sabrina, and Raven.

8 Amy Pond

Amy Pond (portrayed by Karen Gillian) came to Doctor Who in 2010. After first seeing the Doctor and the TARDIS as a child, Amy had to wait over a decade to relive her experiences. Growing up, people thought she was a bit insane from her stories about the time-traveling police box. However, the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) finds his way to her again and she is able to fulfill her longing by working as his reliable companion.

Brittany Smith Cosplay is the perfect Amy Pond. In fact, she describes herself as "American Amy Pond hailing from Space Florida." Her uncanny resemblance to the actress has given her the unique ability to accurately portray all of Gillian's title characters. Soon she will be revealing her own cosplays of Nebula (Marvel) and  Ruby Rose (Jumanji).

7 Tutu Tardis

The TARDIS is an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Its primary purpose is a shuttle for the acting Doctor to transport them through time and space. Its guise is of a police box that is typical for the 1960's era of London, though it's not as usual of a find in today's society.

TARDIS has been cosplayed in a bevy of unique ways, most notably by Doctor Who's very own John Barrowman. However, brilliant minds like cosplayer, Karli Woods, have found a way to make this structure glamourous. Her tutu TARDIS is undeniably one-of-a-kind and stunning at that. Karli is a dominant and well-known cosplayer,

6 The Fifth Doctor

Peter Davison portrayed the Fifth Doctor from 1981 to 1984. His garb during this era is exceptionally posh and noticeably British. He became the first young Doctor in the series with a pronounced younger facade with a colorful wardrobe.

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Jaz's Fifth Doctor genderbend cosplay is equally clever and gorgeous. This simple ensemble doesn't need to be explained to any fan of the series as this cosplayer gives off the perfect essence for this character. Jaz is a UX Designer, Twitch streamer, and a Ravenclaw.

5 The 10th Doctor and Missy

Matt Smith plays the Tenth Doctor from 2010 to 2013. His pinstripe suit and trenchcoat are easily recognizable staples to his outfit. Missy (formerly known as The Master) came to the series in 2014 under the act of Michelle Gomez as the Doctor's arch nemesis. Her purple and embellished timely outfit cannot be mistaken.

Cosplay Craziness is a cosplaying couple who nailed these Doctor Who characters. John actually has an uncanny resemblance to David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, so you can see him playing other characters like Barty Crouch Jr. Cara also makes an incredible Bellatrix and the perfect companion for a Harry Potter based cosplay duo.

4 Captain Jack Harkness

John Barrowman's role as Captain Jack Harkness has gone down in history as one of Doctor Who's most relished characters. The dashing buccaneer brought new heights to the show with his romantic features and unconventional adventures.

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Jason Richard is a Barrowman lookalike and is unashamed in his love for the character. He frequents this Doctor Who cosplay and he does it well. This handsome cosplayer has even had the chance to meet Barrowman himself while dressed as Captain Jack Harness, no doubt to Barrowman's own thrill. His costume is remarkably spot-on and remains to be his main feature.

3 The 12th Doctor

In 2017, Peter Capaldi descended from his throne as the Twelfth Doctor. After the Eleventh Doctor grew old on Trenzalore, the Doctor finally returned, but as a bitter and insensitive elder version. However, Capaldi has received critical acclaim for his role as the Twelfth Doctor, and many fans were sad to see the rejuvenized version go.

Thankfully there are people like this incredible cosplayer to fill the void. This Atlanta, Georgia stationed costumer hit the nail on the head with his Time Lord recreation. He also does a mind-blowing Han Solo and other versions of the Doctor.

2 Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald is the Doctor's most distinguished accomplice. She finds a way to separate herself so that variations of herself can be found throughout time. She even lands during the era of the First Doctor and acts as his persuader to steal the original TARDIS.

Mina Kess is an established cosplayer who has been able to live out one of her dream characters. She looks remarkably like Jenna Coleman, the actress who plays Clara on the series. Some of Mina's other incredible works include Spider Gwen, Spider Gwen, and Black Widow.

1 The 13th Doctor

Fans were ecstatic when the most recent Doctor had been revealed to be a woman; the first one in Doctor Who History. Jodie Whittaker took up the mantle in 2017 and has been praised for her role ever since.

Georgia is a "tea-drinker, book-reader and cosplayer." Her Doctor cosplay is unequivocally cannon with her colorful scarf, wig, and Sonic Lipstick. Georgia's range of costume capabilities is boundless. Check out her Mary Poppins, Belle, Queenie, and Daenerys Targaryen for inspiration!

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