12Kelly Macdonald

Kelly Macdonald in Boardwalk Empire

Now known for her role as the voice of Merida in Disney’s Brave, Kelly Macdonald would be an ideal fit as the next Doctor Who companion. Macdonald has proved throughout her array of roles (from the acclaimed drama Boardwalk Empire to the fluffy romantic comedy The Decoy Bride) that

she has not only the range, but also the charisma and energy that it would take to play a companion.

Since the departure of Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), there has yet to be a witty Scottish companion in the TARDIS. With Capaldi at the helm, Macdonald’s rapid-fire delivery and her subtle but powerful dramatic work would be an ideal fit for Doctor Who. She would complement Capaldi’s often dark Doctor with a little bit of optimism and perspective (and maybe even match his Scottish sass).

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